Yeah. It’s True. Lambda Legal Fired Me As A Client Because Of My Conservative Ties, Interviews, And Writings

“But in defending Yiannopoulos, the ACLU’s latest action also angered some of its traditional and strongest supporters, even within its own ranks — like Chase Strangio, a staff attorney with the organization.”

“In a message posted on Twitter on Thursday, Strangio expressed disappointment in the organization’s decision to represent Yiannopoulos, a polarizing figure because of views he expresses that many consider racist, sexist, xenophobic and transphobic.“[Citation]

The politics of free legal aid from LGBT organizations like Lambda and the ACLU can be quite colorful at times.

Take my situation for example. Just very recently Lambda revoked my retainer and fired me as a client because of a radio interview I gave to a conservative radio station. And because of my writings about the transgender military situation.

I think I was under retainer for around 9 months and they never filed my promised lawsuit to help me get a passport with an “X marker” for my sex. But every time a trans boy or trans girl got kicked out of a school bathroom because of being the wrong biological sex, they were right there quickly suing.

So it’s quite the development that Lambda will fire me for being a vile or unsavory client because I associate with conservatives to help them understand our issues, while at the same time ACLU attorney Chase Strangio doesn’t seem to think that Chelsea Manning has a male violence problem and isn’t homophobic. According to news articles Chase Strangio is Chelsea Manning’s attorney.

Do I need to point out that as Manning was getting released from prison and being made into the next trans media darling that these chat logs still exist?

“(01:45:18 PM) bradass87: i punched a dyke in the phace…”

“(01:45:43 PM) bradass87: half the S2 shop was at least bi”

“(01:46:05 PM) bradass87: it was all female”

“(01:46:46 PM) bradass87: i got sick of these dykes and their drama… it was worse than “The L Word”…”[Citation]

Do I need to point out that Manning stabbed another soldier with a pencil?

“The CBS journalist also highlighted that “if investigators had checked his enlistment papers, they might have seen that he wrote that he joined the military to ‘sort out the turmoil and mess in my life.'” He also cited how “before Manning’s top-secret clearance was granted, he stabbed a soldier with a pencil, and was ordered into counseling for fits of rage.”[Citation]

Do I need to point out how Manning threatened their stepmother with a knife?

“UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN (from 911 call): My husband’s 18-year-old son is out of control, and just threatened me with a knife.“[Citation]

As you can tell I’m fresh out of sympathy in regards to any claims by Chase Strangio of Milo being transphobic or vile in any way, because Chase was more than willing to represent Chelsea Manning. A person far more disgusting in my opinion than anything Milo has yet to accomplish.

“The ACLU argues that Metro’s restrictions on advertising are overly broad, unevenly enforced, and a violation of the First Amendment.”[Citation]

According to Chase Strangio: “Milo preys on the deep-seated hatred for Black people, other people of color, trans people, immigrants, Muslim people and women that is sadly a central tenet of our social fabric and political system.”[Citation]

So while the ACLU is arguing about things being “unevenly enforced” and a violation of first amendment rights — I am too.

I also want to know where the ACLU’s support is for women’s privacy and what they’re doing to help stop male violence against women?

“The move to purge transgender military personnel is dishonorable to the thousands of transgender men and women who are serving our country with courage and who are integral parts of our armed services.”[Citation]

The exclusionary comment from Lambda attorney Sasha Buchert about transgender men and transgender women serving basically nails it. We don’t have transgender military service. We have binary trans, transsexual military service. That was by design, by the trans people who don’t mind screwing over the rest of their community.

Author: Jamie Shupe