Transgender Military Ban: It’s Not The Money Stupid

Banning Transgender Troops Could Cost U.S.$960 Million, Report Says“[Citation]

Transgender Policy Could Cost Military Billions Over Ten Years“[Citation]

The more time you spend studying the headlines and the media’s attempts to affect social change, the more that you realize how much of what they write is garbage. It’s quite clear that much of what they do is intended solely for the purpose of changing the public’s opinion on an issue, not reporting the news in an unbiased way.

For example, different elements of the media and other organizations now want us all to believe that the same Pentagon who they warned us about for their buying of $540 toilet seats now suddenly cares about money as the deciding factor in transgender military service.

News flash: The military doesn’t care about money. Speaking as someone who used to order $100,000 replacement transmissions for armored vehicles all day long, I know this to be true. The military only cares about readiness and being quickly able to deploy. What that costs is irrelevant. Because military leaders get fired for not being ready. They don’t get fired for spending too much money.

The ability of transgender members to deploy and fight will ultimately be the most deciding factor in whether or not we continue to serve. Or the only factor.”

Activity restrictions during 3 months after sex reassignment surgery

“To ensure your complete healing, it is necessary to avoid any activities which may cause wound tear or wound complication. The example activities which are strictly forbidden during 3 month recovery from SRS are as follows:”

“1. Stretch or spread the labia in order to clean or see or take a photo.”

“2. Sexual intercourse”

“3. Strenuous activities or any activities which may put pressure against the genital area, for example, hiking uphill, horseback riding, bicycling or motorcycle riding.”

“4. Play sports or do exercises which are susceptible to acute overstretching of the genital area include yoga, aerobic dancing, pilates.”[Citation]

What activists and mouthpieces for the media fail to understand is that they are speaking about a subject on which they’re basically entirely ignorant. Because if any of them had actually served a day in their lives, they would know that the military freaks out when a soldier goes on leave for thirty days. That’s right, military leaders worry if a soldier will come back in shape enough to still pass a physical fitness test after being off duty for a month.


Because that would make the soldier unfit for duty. It interferes with their ability to deploy. It’s grounds for getting put out and having your career ended.

The media and activists should ask: what level of worry does doing nothing for 90 days after SRS cause these same leaders?

“Today, the U.S. military is largely gone from Iraq and is preparing to leave not just Afghanistan but the perhaps the business of Middle Eastern ground wars entirely. But getting the MRAPs out of the land-locked Afghan war zone is difficult and expensive. So, six years after launching a program that’s cost almost $50 billion in total and about $1 million per vehicle, the United States military is quietly chopping up as many as 2,000 MRAPs into scrap metal, The Washington Post’s Ernesto LondoƱo reports.”[Citation]

As I’ve said before, we’ve allowed the surgery kings and queens to destroy transgender military service for an entire community of which they are only a part. And anyone who thinks this is about money, well, they’re just stupid.