The Trannies That Keep Erasing The Non-Binary Transgender Population

“This is yet another challenge by the White House to deny equality to transgender service men and women. The hypocrisy is startling.”[Citation]

The exclusionary comment from TLDEF board co-chair of Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund Alaina Kupec.

“The move to purge transgender military personnel is dishonorable to the thousands of transgender men and women who are serving our country with courage and who are integral parts of our armed services.”[Citation]

The exclusionary comment from Lambda attorney Sasha Buchert.

More than one-third of the survey respondents identified themselves as “non-binary” — a term used to describe people whose gender identity is not exclusively male or female.“[Citation]

As a highly decorated veteran and non-binary transgender Army retiree, I’m pretty disgusted that two nonprofit, legal aid organizations, who bill themselves as trans advocacy organizations, would use language that excludes a full third of the transgender community.

I’ll say it again: we don’t have transgender military service. We have transsexual military service that was designed and implemented by transsexuals.