Sue Fulton And Sparta: Telling Lies For The Cause

“Transgender people are just as deployable as other service members,” Sue Fulton, former president of the LGBT military organization Sparta, told the Journal.”

“Other service members may undergo procedures when they are at home base, just as other service members schedule shoulder surgery or gall bladder surgery,” she said, adding that there were no “ongoing treatments” for transgender individuals that would cause them to be nondeployable.“[Citation]

Sorry Sue, I’m willing to make a liar out of you and prove that you don’t even know what you’re talking about. The reporters may not be willing call you out on your garbage, but I will.

“Macaluso, 27, who lives in Justin, was worried about her ability to serve before the tweets because she had been denied a medical waiver for deployment in March to Kuwait by U.S. Central Command medical personnel. U.S. Central Command is a governing body in the military established in January 1983 for forces deploying to parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and elsewhere.”

“She said U.S. Central Command denied her medical waiver because she had not yet legally changed her gender marker from male to female on identifying documents and because of her hormone replacement therapy, which began in May 2016, she was “not stable.”[Citation]

Hormones treatments for transsexuals are a lifelong thing. Clearly this person can’t deploy because of “unstable hormones.”