The following copyrighted photos of Jamie Shupe are available for use by the media upon request for “non-defamatory” purposes. Please send an email to requesting permission to use any or all of these photos.

(Jamie Shupe, Just Issued Their Oregon State ID With An X Marker, 9:10 AM., July 3, 2017, Brookings, DMV, Curry County, Oregon)

(Pride 2016: After Pulse Nightclub Shooting)

(Transgender Day of Visibility, March 31, 2016, Pioneer Square, Portland, Oregon)

(Jamie Shupe, Looking Out Over Portland, Oregon)

(Jamie Shupe, Portland, Oregon, Pride 2016)

(Jamie Shupe, Celebrating Their Court Victory With The Transgender Flag)

(Jamie Shupe, In The Hills Above Portland, Oregon, 2016)

(Jamie Shupe, Outside Department Of Veterans Affairs, Portland, Oregon, 2016)

(Jamie Shupe, Feminine Moments 1, Fall 2015) (Available Without The Censor Markings Upon Request)

(Jamie Shupe, Feminine Moments 2, Fall 2015) (Available Without The Censor Markings Upon Request)

(Jamie Shupe, Portland, Oregon 2015)

(Jamie Shupe, Childhood Photo, Riverdale, Maryland, At My Father’s TV Repair Shop)

(Jamie Shupe, Just Married, 1987)

(Jamie Shupe, Fort Hood, Texas, 1987)

(Jamie Shupe, Basic Training, Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Fall 1982)

(Jamie Shupe, Fort Hood, Texas, Early 1990s)

(Jamie Shupe, Fort Hood, Texas, On Duty At 2/41 Infantry Battalion)