The Twisted Legacy Of The Gender Clinics And Their Charlatans

A discussion on Reddit about biological sex tells us everything we need to know about the twisted legacy of the gender clinics; because it perfectly demonstrates how delusional some transgender people have become due to the ideologies that have been advanced.

Grimm was born a female

No he was not.“[Citation].

In a post about the Gavin Grimm case, a delusional transgender product of these charlatans just can’t fathom that G.G. was born a female.

G.G. is also transgender. That is, his assigned sex at birth was female, but that designation is not consistent with his male gender identity. G.G. has been diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, the medical diagnosis for individuals whose gender identity—their innate sense of being male or female—differs from the sex they were assigned at birth, which causes distress. Id. ¶ 11; Expert Declaration of Randi Ettner, Ph.D. (Ettner Decl.) ¶ 12, 29. Gender Dysphoria”[Citation]

Well, the problem with that person’s argument that Grimm wasn’t born a female is the ACLU lawsuit itself, which clearly says Grimm was born a female.

Things like this have been my observation over and over in the transgender community. Members of the community itself don’t even understand what’s being argued in the very lawsuits that are determining their future.

There’s biological sex and there’s gender identity. They are very different things. The science isn’t fully in on this issue, but I still say the best we can be in this argument is a form of intersex as trans people. And I think that’s a much healthier way to view ourselves. It’s also a much healthier way to have society view and understand us.

On a side note: kudos to the ACLU in this lawsuit for erasing non-binary identities in claiming that transgender consists of male and female identities.

This of course runs contrary to the language in section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act which states: “The term “gender identity” means an individual’s internal sense of gender, which may be male, female, neither, or a combination of male and female, and which may be different from an individual’s sex assigned at birth.[Citation]

This is why I always warn the non-binary community to be cautious of binary transgender people. Because they don’t have our best interests at heart. And the ACLU is littered with binary trans lawyers.

Yeah. It’s True. Lambda Legal Fired Me As A Client Because Of My Conservative Ties, Interviews, And Writings

“But in defending Yiannopoulos, the ACLU’s latest action also angered some of its traditional and strongest supporters, even within its own ranks — like Chase Strangio, a staff attorney with the organization.”

“In a message posted on Twitter on Thursday, Strangio expressed disappointment in the organization’s decision to represent Yiannopoulos, a polarizing figure because of views he expresses that many consider racist, sexist, xenophobic and transphobic.“[Citation]

The politics of free legal aid from LGBT organizations like Lambda and the ACLU can be quite colorful at times.

Take my situation for example. Just very recently Lambda revoked my retainer and fired me as a client because of a radio interview I gave to a conservative radio station. And because of my writings about the transgender military situation.

I think I was under retainer for around 9 months and they never filed my promised lawsuit to help me get a passport with an “X marker” for my sex. But every time a trans boy or trans girl got kicked out of a school bathroom because of being the wrong biological sex, they were right there quickly suing.

So it’s quite the development that Lambda will fire me for being a vile or unsavory client because I associate with conservatives to help them understand our issues, while at the same time ACLU attorney Chase Strangio doesn’t seem to think that Chelsea Manning has a male violence problem and isn’t homophobic. According to news articles Chase Strangio is Chelsea Manning’s attorney.

Do I need to point out that as Manning was getting released from prison and being made into the next trans media darling that these chat logs still exist?

“(01:45:18 PM) bradass87: i punched a dyke in the phace…”

“(01:45:43 PM) bradass87: half the S2 shop was at least bi”

“(01:46:05 PM) bradass87: it was all female”

“(01:46:46 PM) bradass87: i got sick of these dykes and their drama… it was worse than “The L Word”…”[Citation]

Do I need to point out that Manning stabbed another soldier with a pencil?

“The CBS journalist also highlighted that “if investigators had checked his enlistment papers, they might have seen that he wrote that he joined the military to ‘sort out the turmoil and mess in my life.'” He also cited how “before Manning’s top-secret clearance was granted, he stabbed a soldier with a pencil, and was ordered into counseling for fits of rage.”[Citation]

Do I need to point out how Manning threatened their stepmother with a knife?

“UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN (from 911 call): My husband’s 18-year-old son is out of control, and just threatened me with a knife.“[Citation]

As you can tell I’m fresh out of sympathy in regards to any claims by Chase Strangio of Milo being transphobic or vile in any way, because Chase was more than willing to represent Chelsea Manning. A person far more disgusting in my opinion than anything Milo has yet to accomplish.

“The ACLU argues that Metro’s restrictions on advertising are overly broad, unevenly enforced, and a violation of the First Amendment.”[Citation]

According to Chase Strangio: “Milo preys on the deep-seated hatred for Black people, other people of color, trans people, immigrants, Muslim people and women that is sadly a central tenet of our social fabric and political system.”[Citation]

So while the ACLU is arguing about things being “unevenly enforced” and a violation of first amendment rights — I am too.

I also want to know where the ACLU’s support is for women’s privacy and what they’re doing to help stop male violence against women?

“The move to purge transgender military personnel is dishonorable to the thousands of transgender men and women who are serving our country with courage and who are integral parts of our armed services.”[Citation]

The exclusionary comment from Lambda attorney Sasha Buchert about transgender men and transgender women serving basically nails it. We don’t have transgender military service. We have binary trans, transsexual military service. That was by design, by the trans people who don’t mind screwing over the rest of their community.

Author: Jamie Shupe

14 Years Past My Expiration Date As A Transgender Person

Today I turned 54. Which has kind of a surreal feeling to it because I expected to be dead by forty. Prior to that age I was perfectly okay with not making it past that point. Because it was a constant struggle to continue finding reasons to live while struggling to suppress the characteristics that make up who I really am.

The reasons I expected to be dead by forty were multiple. It wasn’t because I felt trapped in the wrong body as so many trans people describe as their experience; it was because I felt trapped in life by society and it’s values about who I was supposed to be as a male. I had no mental connection to this entity of being a male.

Department of Defense Instruction 6130.03, which names as grounds for rejection “psychosexual conditions, including but not limited to transsexualism, exhibitionism, transvestism, voyeurism and other paraphilias.”[Citation]

As a youth I was denied the right of feminine gender expression by my family. I was sexually abused as a child by a male relative and an older neighborhood boy. In the military, I was denied the right to express both my sexual orientation and my gender expression. My marriage contained similar constraints, because I was expected to only love the woman that I had married, but my sexual orientation demanded that I be free to love both men, women, or anyone in-between. All of these institutions had severe built-in penalties for transgressions.

Each day during my later military years, I used to wonder which one would be my last. Spending each of those waking hours living in fear of discharge, I never expected to make it to retirement. These weren’t baseless fears, because I’d witnessed a male service member being discharged within 48 hours for being gay at Fort Hood, Texas. I knew how quickly it could all unravel and go down. Over the years, I watched countless other gay people be deposited outside the gates.

While making it to retirement was Plan A, committing suicide before I could be discharged was Plan B. Each trip to the rifle range became not a question of if I would hit enough targets to pass, but rather a question of if I should stick the barrel of that M16 in mouth and just get it over with. Just end that daily struggle. Living in such constant fear leads to asking yourself such dark questions.

So on this day of turning 54 there’s a lot of inner reflection taking place. There’s also a certain amount of rejoice that I didn’t succumb to any of the dark moments while trying to survive those tough times. Because I’ve been freed from my secrets. Everyone now understands that both my sexual orientation and my gender identity are fluid and can’t be contained by any institution. The military no longer owns me. My contract has been fulfilled. The gender binary also no longer owns me. Because I’ve broken it for the good of all those like me.

Are There Going To Be Problems With The First Lawsuit Over Transgender Military Service?

All five of the plaintiffs said they relied on the 2016 policy change when they notified commanding officers they were transgender. Besides the constitutional challenges, they ask the court to find Trump’s intentions would be a violation of the promises government has made to members of the military.”[Citation]

The breaking news late this morning is about the first lawsuit against the transgender military service ban. But I suspect there’s going to be problems.

October 03, 2015 8:00 AM: As she came to realize her true gender as a woman, Jennifer Peace knew she needed to have two difficult conversations.”

“The first would be with her wife, Deborah.”

“The second would be with the Army.”

“Until then, she was known as a male intelligence officer with a bright future who’d just returned from a second combat deployment.”

“Almost three years later, Capt. Peace is happier than ever with her wife and three children.”

But she’s still waiting to find out what the Army has in store for her.

“It’s excruciating,” said Peace, 30, a Spanaway resident who works as an intelligence officer at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.”

“She’s a soldier not-so-patiently waiting for a new Pentagon policy she’s almost certain will repeal the Defense Department’s ban on transgender military service members.”[Citation]

The trans ban was officially lifted on June 30, 2016. If any of the plaintiffs are the same folks who transitioned before the ban was lifted, then it should be quite interesting to see what happens when this gets pointed out in court. Not to mention that it’s against military regulations to have unauthorized medical treatments that your command doesn’t know about and hasn’t approved, most especially for officers.

Inconsistencies And Contradictions In Transgender Advocacy: It’s Killing Us

I stay rather shocked that people within the transgender community don’t see the contradictions and inconsistencies in the activism and advocacy that’s taking place. Or maybe I’m wrong and they do, but their actions are intentional to make their cause the leading ideology.

Let’s look at some examples.

“The Kentucky case alleges that various abuses suffered by the plaintiffs violated provisions of the U.S. and Kentucky civil rights acts, state and federal labor law, and also the Americans With Disabilities Act. According to Weiss, the ADA comes into play in this case because Schawe-Lane’s status as a transgender woman was perceived her employers as a disability.”[Citation]

Are transgender people fit for military service, or is being transgender a disability? The military clearly isn’t interested in people with disabilities going into their services.

“Policies, like the one the Army announced this morning, that categorically withhold hormone therapy violate clearly established standards of care for the treatment of Gender Dysphoria as well as clear constitutional proscriptions against deliberate indifference to the serious medical needs of individuals in government custody. Gender Dysphoria (formerly known as gender identity disorder or GID) is a serious medical condition, and hormone therapy is part of the accepted medical protocol for treating this condition. Without the necessary treatment, Gender Dysphoria can cause severe psychological distress, anxiety and suicidal ideation. According to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), the leading medical authority on the proper standards of treatment for people with GID, “hormone therapy…is a medically necessary intervention for many transsexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming individuals with Gender Dysphoria.”[Citation]

When the ACLU correctly points out that gender dysphoria causes severe psychological distress, anxiety and suicidal ideation in order to get Chelsea Manning trans medical care in a military prison, they are also pointing out how unfit for duty someone like this is.

Cis women are never asked what it feels like to be a woman because their cis supremacy is never questioned.”[Citation]

As I’ve previously pointed out, cis women have been publicly asked to describe “what it feels like to be a woman?” And these actual cisgender women couldn’t do it, because there’s no such thing. So it’s clear that trans women can’t possibly describe what it feels like to be a woman for them.

“There is no evidence that there have been any occurrences of inappropriateness by transgender persons in bathrooms.”[Citation]

“A 15-year-old male special education student reported being coerced into a shopping mall food court for a sexual encounter.”

“Police said Isaiah Johnson, 20, of Stamford, and “two other males dressed as females in the area of Veteran’s Park Bus stop” coerced the teenage boy into the bathroom of the food court of the Stamford mall on April 26, where a sexual encounter took place.”[Citation]

Then there’s the oft used “no trans person has ever done anything wrong in a bathroom or locker room or fitting room. This is an outright lie, but yet it’s repeated all over the Internet.

“Hormone Therapy is Lifesaving — But Why is No One Studying Its Long-Term Effects?”[Citation]

Browne has decided to postpone a medical transition until he’s done playing in the NWHL, and he’s not changing his legal name right now for visa reasons. Browne says he is “not closing the door” to transitioning to the men’s side of the sport one day depending on how his body changes.”[Citation]

“‘Trans Health Care Is Necessary. If We Don’t Get Our Treatment, We Die’”[Citation]

One should ask if hormone therapy is being marketed as being “lifesaving” for the trans community by some trans folks, then how do trans athletes do without it to continue playing sports? Clearly it’s not lifesaving for everyone. So we have to recognize that this is part of the game in getting insurance companies to pay for it for those that want it.

“He’s the smallest (5 feet 4) and least-skilled player on the team, but when he tucks his blue cap low over his curly hair and pulls his pant legs low on his cleats, he looks and feels like a ballplayer.”

When he can’t make the throw from second to home, the catcher takes a few steps toward the infield. When he’s struggling at the plate, they rock the dugout fence and yell tips.”

“Jake loves being out there, being part of the team, this is a degree of validation for Jake,” Steinhaus said. “It’s all very empowering.”[Citation]

As a community we like to pretend that what we’re doing in sports isn’t effecting these sports.

“There is no published medical data on precisely how long it takes to negate the athletic advantages of a lifetime of testosterone exposure. But one athlete has tackled the question in a personal way. Medical physicist Joanna Harper, 55, who was born male, began hormone therapy in order to transition to female in August ’04. Harper had been competing as a male age-group distance runner for years, and she carefully documented the impact that suppressing testosterone and taking estrogen had on her running. “I thought I would get slower gradually,” Harper says. Instead she started losing speed and strength within three weeks. “I felt the same when I ran,” she says. “I just couldn’t go as fast.” In February, Harper won the 55-to-59 age group at the women’s national cross-country championship in St. Louis, but she is a shadow of her former athletic self.“[Citation]

There’s nothing more priceless than the testosterone debate for trans women who compete in women’s sports. Because there’s the endless selling of the idea that blocking testosterone and switching to estrogen makes everything equal. But there’s always that glaring little detail of how these trans women routinely win these events. And even if they finish second or third, we’ll never know that they didn’t do it intentionally to distract attention from their biological advantages. Oh the joys of being a shadow of your former self and still being able to trash women in running events.

“Worley, who had ambitions to compete in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics in track racing, was the first Canadian and first cyclist anywhere to go through the Stockholm verification process, winning approval in 2006.”

“But, says her human-rights complaint, removal of gonads meant she was producing no sex hormones and the lack of testosterone and other “androgens” — which women generate naturally in their ovaries — resulted in an “extreme” post-menopausal state, muscle atrophy, decreased energy, accelerated bone loss and other harms.”

“Over the years, I have felt my body become unwell and unable to function as it once did,” her tribunal submission says. “As an athlete, I saw my performance deteriorate.”

Testosterone supplements are banned as performance enhancing, but Toronto-based Worley — unable to produce any sex hormones naturally — says she needs them just to stay healthy and not fall behind other cyclists.”[Citation]

But as these things go, while one end of the Internet is bragging about how it’s fair to compete because of not having any testosterone, the other end of the Internet is complaining about the lack of.

“The message this legislation sends leads to the terrifying statistics we see for trans people. About 40 percent of transgender individuals attempt suicide at some point in their lives.“[Citation]

And while some trans advocates endlessly play the suicide card and tout horrible statistics to make their case, they seem ignorantly bliss about what other trans advocates are saying elsewhere. Where they admit suicide attempts are often staged events to achieve some goal. Again, this isn’t making a case that we’re fit for military service. To the contrary, it’s harming us.

“After a week, she fashioned a noose from bedclothes and made what she told me was a “halfhearted attempt” at suicide.“[Citation]

“CHILDREN HAVE CUT themselves. In some cases, 9- or 10-year-old kids have staged suicide attempts. The little boys sob unless they’re allowed to wear dresses. The girls want to be called Luke, Ted, or James.”[Citation]

So it’s fair to say that all of these contradictions coming from people who claim to be activists and advocates are starting to catch up to us. Because like an elephant, the Internet remembers everything.

What Sports Teaches Us About Transition And Gender Dysphoria

“The story is very different for Group Three. In the hope of ridding themselves of their dysphoria they tend to invest heavily in typical male activities. Being largely heterosexual, they marry and have children, hold advanced educational degrees and are involved at high levels of corporate and academic cultures. These are the invisible or cloistered gender dysphorics. They develop an aura of deep secrecy based on shame and risk of ridicule and their secret desire to be female is protected at all costs. The risk of being found out adds to the psychological and physiological pressures they experience. Transitioning from this deeply entrenched defensive position is very difficult. The irony here is that gender dysphoric symptoms appear to worsen in direct proportion to their self-enforced entrenchment in the male world. The further an individual gets from believing he can ever live as a female, the more acute and disruptive his dysphoria becomes.”[Citation]

By the time I decided to transition to becoming a female in early 2013, the Internet literature about transgenderism had me convinced it was basically either transition or commit suicide. Or that if I didn’t commit suicide as a result of not transitioning, then I’d still at best end up as a mental wreck. Dying in my senior years with a deep sense of regret for not having done so was my other option. After five decades of suppressing my feminine gender identity this all made perfect sense to me. It was believable in that mental state.

“On the field, Hahn could forget feeling trapped in a body he thought shouldn’t be his. He felt free.”

“After hearing good reports about a clinic in the New Brunswick capital, he also decided to begin his transition to a man.”

“But almost immediately, he was confronting what other transgender athletes in Canada experience: a choice between playing the sports that have become their therapy, or becoming the people they believe they were meant to be.”

“He chose soccer over his transition, though it meant he’d play on the women’s team.”[Citation]

But like many things involving transgenderism, I’ve since learned my way out of this thinking of transition or die, because of observing trans athletes using sports to keep their dysphoria at bay. Which is familiar behavior for me to witness because I’ve seen people in my PTSD support group do the exact same thing — trading one obsessive behavior for another. It’s the same thing I did for decades to survive.

“This year, as soon as Godsey is out of Olympic contention, he will start to medically transition, and his career as an elite athlete will end. “How long could I possibly put off going on testosterone? I’m human,” says Godsey. “I’m human.”[Citation]

Instead of obsessing over their gender identity, these athletes instead choose to become obsessively involved in sports to a degree that it consumes large amounts of time and energy. Clearly this is a healthier option.

“It was after I retired and after I had let it all sink in, it was about the time when surgery was (approaching),” Browne told FanRag Sports. “I was having some second thoughts. And I thought that those second thoughts were there for a reason. So I decided to take a step back and think about playing again and talk with people and the league. Everything (after that) seemed to kind of fall into place.”[Citation]

The reason I’ve picked up on this behavior of using sports as a cure for gender dysphoria however is not because I’ve seen it just once now — I’ve seen it multiple times in news articles about trans athletes.

“Dr Kenneth Zucker believes autistic traits of “fixating” on issues could convince children they are the wrong sex.”

“Dr Zucker says in the film: “It is possible that kids who have a tendency to get obsessed or fixated on something may latch on to gender.”[Citation]

The biggest takeaway on this lesson is that this behavior destroys the commonly held belief that’s frequently perpetuated on the Internet that it’s transition or die. But we know that’s not true because these athletes are staying healthy and keeping their gender dysphoria in check by simply continuing to play sports. This also says a lot about Dr. Kenneth Zucker’s claim that he believes gender dysphoria may be rooted in autism; because of the way that trans people obsess over their gender identity. If trading the less healthy obsession with transitioning for the healthier obsession of playing sports works, then everyone should take notice.

Why I Quit Being A Transgender Activist

Being an activist for a cause is a lot like being a sales person. You of course have to have a viable product or products. And to be a really good sales person you should have a demonstrated belief in what you’re selling. That’s where transgender activism all went wrong for me. I couldn’t even get myself to believe in many of the ideologies that I was selling to the public for the cause because of what I was seeing in the not-so-well-hidden background.

“With few exceptions, black transgender women and men say that they get more hatred from black people than anyone else, even though they have been on the front lines protesting issues that affect all African-Americans.”[Citation]

While violence against trans women of color is certainly a valid and important issue; the truth is most of it comes from their own African American community, or other communities of color. Trans women of color themselves admit this. But the violence against them by their own ethic group is used by the trans community as a whole in the form of an activism tool.

During the 3 1/2 years that I lived as a trans woman, the only time that anyone threatened me with actual violence that I thought was imminent was when a forty-something white trans woman threatened to punch me in the face. This occurred in a restaurant that catered almost solely to the LGBT community in Pittsburgh. A so-called “safe space”. This late transitioning biologically male person who identified as a woman threatened to hit me because I stated that I wouldn’t tolerate a sex worker living next door to me because it would bring undesirable people into my neighborhood and harm the residents. I feared the violence from this person because of their male biology.

“The weekend fatal shooting of a teen at an apartment complex near downtown Athens was the culmination of a feud between two transgender groups, Athens-Clarke County police confirmed Wednesday.”[Citation]

The annual trans woman of color body count is another one of those areas where trans activism is grossly disingenuous, because it never mentions that some of the deaths of trans women occurred because other trans women killed them. How much worse can the lying get than that if you omit that fact in your reporting or writing?

Second, regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime. By contrast, female-to-males had higher crime rates than female controls (aHR 4.1; 95% CI 2.5–6.9) but did not differ from male controls. This indicates a shift to a male pattern regarding criminality and that sex reassignment is coupled to increased crime rate in female-to-males. The same was true regarding violent crime.”[Citation]

But admitting this unsavory detail about male violence however points to the fact that trans women can’t stop being involved in male violence anymore than they can shed their male biology.

“According to North Carolina court records, Henderson, who was registered as Long in that system, was convicted in 2008 of prostitution and served a one-and-a-half month jail sentence.”[Citation]

This type of trans activism also always fails to tell the public that a lot of the dead were sex workers, working in dangerous neighborhoods. You don’t see feminists using dead cisgender female prostitutes operating in drug infested neighborhoods to make their case that men frequently commit violence against women, but the trans community does it all day, everyday. And the media doesn’t call them out for it either. In fact, the media outlets are often complicit.

“I had been on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for some time until I had no choice but to halt my journey when some side effects had proven too much a risk to both my physical and mental wellbeing to continue.”[Citation]

Likewise, I ran into problems while trying to be a sales person for cross-sex hormone therapy (XHT). I hit a snag with it because it wasn’t even working for me. Four years later I still look like the same male, but now have two small breasts.

Eventually, I finally figured out the high doses of estrogen were what was causing frequent bursting of blood vessels in my eyes whenever I got stressed out. I ended up in the emergency room with swollen legs and feet, getting tested for blood clots. At times I felt tired, weak, and even sick while trying to achieve “normal female” hormone levels. I can’t be a sales person for something that did all of this to me. My conscience won’t allow me to.

“My genitals don’t work, my nose doesn’t work, my forehead doesn’t move,” she told WKYC Channel 3’s Monica Robins.”[Citation]

“Of the 11 procedures performed, Weitzer said she thinks four of them met her expectations.”[Citation]

The same goes for transgender surgeries, which are claimed to cure gender dysphoria and confirm being a member of the opposite sex for the person getting them. It’s total garbage. I refuse to be a sales person for these surgeries because everywhere I look I see trans or non-binary people being harmed. Again, my conscience and my morals won’t allow me to participate in selling this.

“It wasn’t a lack of support from family, friends or school officials that led to Emelia’s death, her mother said. “It was suicidal depression,” she said.”[Citation]

Nor could I continue to sell the idea that trans people commit suicide because of the way society treats us. I couldn’t sell this in good faith because the media articles I studied often demonstrated suicides that occurred despite the person being completely supported in their transition and about their trans status. But my fellow activists would just keep claiming that society did it. The reality is that comorbid mental illness was to blame.

It’s pretty deceptive to first claim that a trans person should get hormones because their mental illness issues are separate from their gender issues, but then later claim their suicide was because of the way society treated them as a result of their transgender status.

“These children sometimes resort to self-mutilation to try to change their anatomy; the other two journal reports note that some face verbal and physical abuse and are prone to stress, depression and suicide attempts. Spack said those problems typically disappear in kids who’ve had treatment and are allowed to live as the opposite sex.“[Citation]

Similarly it’s just as fraudulent to claim that mental health problems go away because someone’s gender has been confirmed and because they’ve gotten puberty blockers or hormones from a gender clinic. I can’t be involved in selling these lies.

“The world was difficult for him. On bad days he had hallucinations, couldn’t manage the voices in his head and couldn’t escape them, even though he tried. He had a complicated mental health diagnosis.”

“Anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder,” she says. “We were dubious about schizophrenia.”

“He had, she says, already ended his hormone therapy because of his mental health issues.”[Citation]

Over and over again I’ve witnessed that no matter how many other serious factors there were contributing to our suicide rate, the trans community would spin the deaths and blame societal issues. I just can’t participate in this.

“This is a post that’s been a long time coming. 19 years of depression, give or take. It’s been long and brutal and full of a lot of tears and angst and it’s finally coming to a close. 10 days ago I purchased a shotgun and today, after the required California waiting period, I picked up that shotgun. A few of you have seen me offer up countdowns and references to October 1st at around noon; that was my nod towards this outcome.”

“I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to say here. I’ve turned over the words in my head for a little over a week now and I’m still not sure how to find that balance between “TL;DR” and “here’s why I put a 00 buckshot shell into the roof of my mouth”.”

“Initially my plan was to go into detail about my pains, waxing laborious about my struggles with transition (I shouldn’t have done it. Not because I’m not trans, but because I didn’t have a fraction of the personal strength to succeed at it, unlike some of the amazing trans people I’ve been privileged to know), my physical struggles (heat sensitivity, and more recently hair loss), or my mental pain (I can’t even look at myself in the mirror.).”[Citation]

It’s like no matter how many bodies pile up from this idea that we can turn ourselves into members of the opposite sex, the trans activists just keep selling the fallacy that transition works and fixes everything. As a person who counts the dead, I can’t sell this stuff and be an activist for it.

“In the spring I was hospitalized because of the toxic environment and relationships I was experiencing, at home and at school, with my family and my peers. During this time, the inner turmoil of confusion over my identity only escalated. I went through several identities, sometimes changing every two weeks, from pansexual to lesbian, genderqueer, bigender, and genderfluid. Finally, in the summer before 10th grade, I discovered I was transgender.”[Citation]

“Skylar started chronicling his journey on YouTube in 2014, even admitting he was going to start getting testosterone shots without his parents’ knowledge. Friends say it is believed he may have received early shots from a friend who is also transgender, though Joanne eventually allowed Skylar to get hormone therapy legally. For six months he chronicled his transition online, but his attitude changed dramatically.”

“I’m still noticing social changes and how people are talking to me and treating me in my early days of transition,” Skylar said on YouTube. “I feel like I’ve been getting more uncomfortable around people.”

“Avi also recalls Skylar growing more unhappy.”

No matter how much I change, they’ll still see me as a girl,” Skylar once posted. “And that’s hurtful.”

“By the end of September, Skylar ended his life at a public park. His suicide note appeared on his blog on Tumblr as a scheduled post, long after he was gone.”[Citation]

I was just as bad of a sales person at selling the idea that we all know at young ages that we’re really girls or boys, trapped in the wrong bodies, and really members of the opposite sex. The gender clinicians and the media are free to peddle this hogwash to the masses, but I simply can’t sell it. Because it’s not true. I need truth in my advertising. I require ethics in my sales practices.

“Transgender activists have sent threats of violence and death to women, academics, researchers, feminists, and rape survivors, and pressed false charges.”[Citation]

The same goes for all the threats of violence and vicious discourse over any form of potentially negative research or debate. I simply can’t be involved in anything that’s defended by death threats against researchers or recommends violence against those who merely have a different opinion. Because it opens up the embarrassing question of: what exactly is it that we’re scared of them saying or finding out?

So the reason I’ve quit being a transgender activist is because I simply ran out of legitimate products and ideologies to sell. And I quit selling all of these trans ideologies and talking points and instead started telling and selling the truth as I see it. I feel a lot better doing this. Because while activists are free to sell the harms of living a lie, I find the burden of telling lies to be far worse. Plus, like everyone else, I have to be able to sleep at night.

Twisted Trans Ideologies Can Even Ruin Sex

“I just couldn’t have sex because it was too traumatic for other people to touch my body. When you can’t deal with gender dysphoria, sex feels a lot more like something to dissociate to than truly enjoy.

“This also makes those creepy fetish comments particularly brutal.”[Citation].

Reading this essay by Ana Valens I’m struck by just how toxic the ideologies that have infested the lives of transgender women really are. I’m glad that I never bought into the “fetish” thing. In fact, I did just the opposite. I not only allowed men to fetishize me when I lived as a trans woman — I encouraged it.

“I’ve tried. I’ve dated. I’ve been in love three times. But it’s hard. I had my sex reassignment surgery in 1997, and I thought my life would change drastically. It got better, but my love life dissipated. When I had a penis, before my operation, men were attracted to me because of that. When you hear “trans,” you want a girl with a penis, not a girl with a vagina. Now that I have a vagina, they don’t want me.”[Citation]

Men wanted a smooth girl with breasts and a penis. I played right into their fantasies and had some mind-blowing sex as a result.

This is yet another one of the glaring failures of trans women trying to fit themselves into a binary world of male and female. Because that’s not what we were ever intended to be.

One of these days I’ll spill all the details of my juicy five month romance with a man while living in Portland.

“But at the same time, Maria is stuck in a time loop of sorts. She wants to go back to the past, wake herself up, and transition sooner.”[Citation]

I learned about the “time loop” early in my transition while living in Pittsburgh. The prettiest transsexual I had met there suffered from eternal sorrow that she hadn’t transitioned early enough in life.

The lesson?

No amount of surgeries or medical intervention would ever make people like her happy.

MSM Rolls Out The Child Soldiers In The Identity And Bathroom War

Is it purely coincidental to see two young Texas trans kids being profiled in the main stream media (MSM) today to fight the bathroom war?

Is there anything more disgusting than using these children to fight this adult identity and bathroom war?

Will the parents of these kids who have become involved in trans activism take any responsibility for the social contagion they’ve helped to create?

How can these parents actually believe their child is the complete opposite sex of their biology based on professed gender identity alone?

Nick Valencia, Jason Morris (August 3, 2017). Transgender and 7 years old, a strong voice against Texas’ bathroom bill. (Archive)

Cassandra Jaramillo (August 3, 2017). Raising Marilyn: A family’s journey to support their transgender daughter. (Archive)

For Transgender Military Personnel: The 41 Percent Suicide Statistic Has Suddenly Disappeared

I’ve been spending the past few days reading and studying the stories of active duty and transgender military personnel and veterans, and I can’t help but notice a strange pattern that’s taking place in the news media: the suicide statistics for our trans community are now suddenly missing from nearly every news article that’s being written about the transgender military population group.

How can you explain this other than to point out how the shifting sands of the culture wars waged by the two media sides have now shifted again.

And while the Los Angeles Times wrote a great Op-Ed today about the history of transgender military service, it was clearly lost on their journalist that the historical figures they used as examples fought and served while not getting any transgender medical treatments such as hormones or surgeries.


Brianna Gallegos (July 29, 2017). Local transgender airman speaks out about President Trump’s tweets. (Archive)

Kevin Fagan (July 30, 2017). Transgender Army veteran wonders if the door will slam shut. (Archive)

For anyone not paying attention, it’s strikingly clear that the same statistical tools that were once used to advance transgender rights are now being used to destroy transgender military service.

“Hartzler’s office calculated the additional costs of surgeries for new transgender recruits every year.”

“There are 178,000 new military members per year, and assuming 0.7 percent are transgender, 1,246 new transgender service members each year. Assuming 30 percent get surgeries, there would be an additional 374 surgical transitions per year, or 3,740 over 10 years. Those surgeries would cost $493 million, and with 3 percent inflation a total of $579 million by 2027.”

“The costs of active duty transgender surgeries and those of new recruits over a 10-year period total $1.349 billion.”

“It is likely even more transgender service members would seek sex reassignment surgeries if they are taxpayer-funded.”

“More than 30 percent of transgender individuals say they want to have various sex reassignment surgeries in the future, according to the 2011 National Transgender Discrimination Survey.”

“Fifty-three percent of men who identify as women say they someday want a breast augmentation, and 61 percent say want an orchiectomy, the surgical removal of one or both testicles, in the future.”

“Sixty-four percent say they want a vaginoplasty, the construction of a vagina, someday.”[Citation]

Even the transgender advocates like Kristin Beck have jumped into the numbers game. What the source of this data?

“Beck told she thinks barring them will cost more in lawsuits than the savings Trump touted in medical and other costs. She said she estimates there are 75,000 to 150,000 transgender personnel in uniform.”[Citation]

I feel as if I’m writing an After Action Review (AAR) on the failures of transgender military service, but this lesson is strikingly clear: be careful of what you advocate and how you advocate it. Because it can also be used against us. Like statistics were in this case.