Jamie Shupe Supported Washington State Initiative 1552 For Just Want Privacy: True Or False?

Answer: Partially True.

The truth is I agreed to appear on The Todd Herman Show on behalf of Kaeley Triller Haver. And I did so because I think women (defined as biological females) and children are the real victims in the bathroom war. Another reason I appeared on the show is because I think instead of just calling these folks bigots like much of our community does, I think we should at all times have an open and respectful dialogue with those that disagree on our ideologies. Being hopelessly deadlocked doesn’t work for juries, Congress, or LGBT politics. We all need to work together to find workable compromises to coexist and get along.

One of the things I recall Todd saying during his radio show was that he thought transgender people were pawns in the bathroom war. I don’t agree with that statement. I think women and children are the real pawns in the bathroom war. Because even if anything like 1552 passes it still doesn’t really gain women or children anything much beyond where they are now, or solve their existing problem.

For the binary sex identifying members of the transgender community the bathroom war is a battle over their right to identify as males and females. It’s affirmation for them. For the religious elements, especially the evangelical side of the house, and many of the conservatives, the bathroom war is likewise a battle over identity. These groups are trying to control who can be defined as males and females. So it’s part religious war and part bathroom war.

Nothing about this battle over bathrooms actually solves the problem for women and children of men routinely waltzing into their private spaces and either filming or sexually assaulting them. This is why I describe women and children as the pawns of the bathroom war.

“Relying on state education records, supplemented by federal crime data, a yearlong investigation by The Associated Press uncovered roughly 17,000 official reports of sexual assaults by students from fall 2011 to spring 2015.“[Citation]

So for the record, I appeared on the Todd Herman show to support Kaeley Triller Haver’s fight to protect women and children, because I understand their plight. As someone who’s been sexually abused by two different people as a youth, I understand where they’re coming from and why they do what they do. I care. Their safety needs are more important than my identity needs. I don’t care what the cost is in saying this.

I didn’t offer unequivocal support for the Washington State 1552 initiative. I didn’t agree with all parts of it, and no one has bothered to ask me that question. Instead, they’ve just made assumptions that I offered complete support for the proposed ballot initiative. For the record, I don’t agree with fining or suing people for using a bathroom. We need smarter and safer solutions to our bathroom problem.

I also take a dim view to what the LGBT legal organizations do in regards to the bathroom war because they’re not solving the safety problem for women and children by their endless lawsuits against school systems, which are taking money away from more important things. Instead these LGBT legal organizations are selfishly fighting identity battles while fully knowing that women and children are their collateral damage during this bathroom war.

The only thing that will actually solve the problem for women and children and everyone else is to start working to get everyone into their own private, safe, and secure spaces. That’s a big, tough task. It takes guts. It takes people that really are leaders. It takes infrastructure money. None of the LGBT legal aid organizations are up to a challenge like that. Instead, they’d rather blow their money on child soldiers for their bathroom wars. I don’t think they care about these clients. Because if they win it bolsters the ego of some trans man or some trans woman somewhere in their food and money chain.

The glaring thing you’ll notice about the bathroom war is that the genderqueer/non-binary community doesn’t have bathrooms despite making up one third of the transgender population. Where’s the sympathy from Lambda or the ACLU about this?

I don’t go into women’s restrooms as I don’t “pass”, and if you don’t pass in this state there’s a heavy stigma that you’re probably trying to creep on children in a bathroom.“[Citation]

It’s also a fact that only 21% of the trans community can pass as the opposite sex in public accommodation settings such as bathrooms.. Let alone locker rooms, which elevates the discussion to an entirely new level. So even if Lambda and the ACLU win their fucked up bathroom wars with their child soldiers like Gavin Grimm and Drew Adams, the trans community in general still loses. Because the bulk of us don’t look like or pass as the sex that’s opposite of our biologies.

Nor does it take a rocket scientist to point out that one of the biggest dangers in letting transgender men become too heavily involved in bathroom litigation is the fact that since they pass far better than trans women because of the strong hair growth effects of testosterone injections, they lose touch with reality in regards to what the trans community as a whole looks like.

If having facial hair is the standard for being a male or represents what a male looks like according to how transgender men think, then nearly all trans women are still males.

We deserve better leadership. I’m not one to shy away from pointing this out.