How Misguided Advocacy Caused Or Helped To Cause The Transgender Military Ban

Turning on the evening news last night, I was treated to the site of what I guessed to be a twenty-something transgender woman in Portland. She was being interviewed on the local CBS channel about the transgender military ban. As part of their opposition to the ban, this person explained to the reporter that they had served in the military and during their service they had engaged in multiple suicide attempts. The reason behind their suicide attempts is because they are transgender. I was immediately struck by the thought of: how exactly is this making a case that you’re fit to serve in the military when you have engaged in multiple suicide attempts?

I’m going to make an assumption at this point and link these suicide attempts to the person’s gender dysphoria while serving. The transgender community may be blind to these inconsistencies that they constantly introduce in their advocacy or communications with the pubic, but I can assure you that the rest of the world is not. Neither is the military or the folks who run it.

“But it didn’t come easily. Manning launched a hunger strike in September, demanding access to treatment for her gender dysphoria.”

“She remained housed at Fort Leavenworth, an all-male Army prison, despite her request to transfer to a civilian women’s prison. She had to cut her hair, exacerbating her gender dysphoria, Strangio said. She felt her situation was so dire that in July she tried to commit suicide.”[Citation]

As we’ve been building up to this ban on transgender military service actually becoming a reality, I’ve watched all sorts of things playing out. One of the most notable is the ACLU playing a significant role in getting Chelsea Manning freed. Getting Manning released was bad for two very obvious reasons. First, as I’ve mentioned many times before, the conservative media outlets use Manning’s picture as subliminal advertising for all things transgender. They most especially use Manning’s picture for all things transgender military. Both the ACLU and these conservative media outlets have made Manning the face of transgender military service as much as possible. But the second problematic thing with Manning is that Manning is also intricately tied to very publicly playing the suicide card to get trans healthcare. In fact, that was a big part of the reasons given by the ACLU as to why Manning should be freed. Again, what about this suicidal behavior that’s explicit tied to gender dysphoria is conducive and desirable in regards to military service? Nothing. Because it’s the job of the military to serve in austere environments without a lot of or possibly without any support whatsoever.

In these harsh military environments like this or as prisoners of war will transgender military people start coming unglued because of gender dysphoria if they don’t have access to hormones or because they can’t access a surgery? Those are fair questions for the media to be exploring and asking. Those same questions also point to how undesirable it is to allow people with gender dysphoria to serve at all. This really isn’t a conversation about transgender military service, it’s a conversation about gender dysphoria. For many in the trans community, those two things are inseparable.

“Manning told me: “I was afraid I was going to be in that little cell or something like that little cell for the rest of my life. And that bad things were going to happen to me.” After a week, she fashioned a noose from bedclothes and made what she told me was a “halfhearted attempt” at suicide. “I kind of knew it wasn’t going to work.” It got the staff’s attention, and according to a medical evaluation later obtained by Manning’s legal team, a military doctor would diagnose anxiety, depression and “probable gender identity disorder.”[Citation]

On the subject of Chelsea Manning and laughable trans activism and advocacy, Manning even admitted to the New York Times (yes, that one, the nation’s paper of record) to making a “halfhearted attempt” to commit suicide just to get attention while in prison. Why would the military want transgender people like this? Who has the nerve to try and sell the military on hiring people such as these? I don’t. You don’t need me to take you down, you’re just doing just fine all by yourselves. You’re effing, bloody idiots.

“Racked by discomfort with his male body, a condition known as gender identity disorder, Brewis made repeated attempts to kill himself.”

“The rare condition went untreated behind bars, and Brewis castrated himself in his cell. In 2007, he used nail clippers to cut out his testicles, records show.”[Citation]

The question of what happens to transgender people who have severe untreated gender dysphoria is readily available to be witnessed in any correctional setting. To be blunt, a number of male to female transsexuals in these settings attempt to castrate themselves. And again, we can point to the transgender advocacy organizations being heavily involved in this area as well; making the case that these transgender people must get trans healthcare in order to not harm themselves. Again, why would the military want someone like this? They don’t. Again also, how can the transgender community and the rest of society not see the problems and contradictions of these trans advocacy organizations making the case that without trans healthcare trans people will harm themselves; while at the same time claiming trans people are fit for all purposes to serve in the military. They’re not if they’re like this. Transgender people, as demonstrated in these examples, who have gender dysphoria are not fit for military service. For very clear reasons.

“Hey all, me again. I’m still trying to figure it all out. I know that I want to transition. I don’t know when or in what way. Surgery of any kind absolutely terrifies me. I get ill just thinking about surgical procedure at all. I’m also trying to get help. I’m in therapy for my anxiety and depression. I haven’t come out to my therapist, yet. I’m so concerned about it interfering with my career. I already feel like a shitty sailor most days. I know being trans and not doing anything is the main source of my mental health concerns, but I honestly can’t see another way to deal right now. If I don’y deploy, I won’t be competitive and I won’t promote. I know that once I’m being treated for anxiety/depression with medication, I’m med down and can’t deploy. I’m considering coming out and requesting a delay in treatment. I think I can wait until I complete these orders if I know that transition is coming afterwards. shrug”[Citation]

Then there’s the issue of not having your head in the game during military service because of the mental health symptoms that are comorbid with and because of gender dysphoria. What’s good for the military about having a contracted service member serving that’s suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation because of their gender dysphoria? Again, the answer is nothing. At best they’re a nuisance to their units. At worst they’re a threat to the rest of the force. Which is then a threat to our national security.

“Dr Zucker says in the film: “It is possible that kids who have a tendency to get obsessed or fixated on something may latch on to gender.”[Citation]

“Zucker “believes that a whole range of psychological issues can manifest themselves in a child’s obsession with changing their gender.”[Citation]

For years Dr. Kenneth Zucker has been quoted in the media talking about how trans people can be obsessed with their gender and gender identity. The person I’ve shown on Reddit doing just that proves that it’s a real problem. And once again it points to trans people suffering from gender dysphoria being unfit for military service.

An interesting future transgender study area would be to examine if there is any correlation between being confined in a correctional type setting with lots of time on your hands while obsessing about your gender to see if this is amplifying the urge to self harm. Because most of the castrations take place in correctional facilities.

“Many active duty service members are already undergoing medical care related to transition. Sergeant Ochoa receives hormone therapy from his army physician, and was anticipating having a hysterectomy to lower the risk of cervical cancer created by testosterone.”[Citation]

The next and very obvious problem that many are blind to is the question of: why would you bring people into the military who not only need hormones to keep their gender dysphoria at bay, but then also need risky surgeries to fix the problems associated with or created by the hormone treatments themselves? Again, this stuff isn’t compatible or desirable for military service. Again, the double edged sword of transgender advocacy, that’s sold as “trans people need trans healthcare in order to survive” has brought down transgender military service. But the media and the transgender organizations are either blind to this, or unwilling to admit it.

“You just took the steps as they came without notifying anybody? Correct. Other than my civilian doctor.”

“The military currently covers medical care related to gender dysphoria. Why did you have to go through the private route? Through the private route all I had done was hormones. Any surgery I received has been done through the military.”[Citation]

Then there’s the issue of transgender service members self-medicating on cross-sex hormones for the purposes of becoming more masculine or feminine appearing in order to treat their gender dysphoria. Anyone who knows anything about military service knows this is essentially breaking military regulations, which is their form of laws. How can this be condoned? Why haven’t the offenders been prosecuted for doing so? Especially officers who live under a creed that they will never lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those that do.

“I had my name legally changed in March 2016, and I wanted to start hormone therapy treatments. Due to being ATC, I am on flying status which affects the medications I am allowed to take. Hormones would take me off flying status, but for an unknown period of time.“[Citation]

Running off on your own and getting a hormone prescription isn’t exactly a petty thing if other service members openly write about how it can cause them to be removed from flight status. So once again, nothing about this is pointing in the direction of these persons being desirable candidates for military service; especially officers who are bestowed with extreme powers to punish other service members for wrongdoings.

“Chelsea Manning: ‘Trans Health Care Is Necessary. If We Don’t Get Our Treatment, We Die’”[Citation]

As not-very-smart trans advocates you’re of course welcome to keep claiming and preaching that “we die if we don’t get trans healthcare,” but when you blow other things up like transgender military service because of your misguided activism and advocacy, then you need to start taking responsibility for your actions. And the media needs to stop protecting you from the ridicule and scorn that you deserve. I just called you out and pointed a finger at all of you responsible. And I’m not going to stop there either, because every time the media points out the high suicide rate in the trans community, they are at the same time making an excellent case as to why we’re unfit to serve. You can’t have it both ways.

So these issues in addition to all of the other problems that I laid out in my letter to The Office of The Joint Chiefs of Staff are the reasons we now have a ban on transgender military service. And I’m very much aware of who’s actually responsible for this happening. Now it’s just a matter of those folks actually taking the blame and responsibility for it happening.