Examining The “Expert Opinions” Behind Ideas About When Gender And Gender Identity Are Formed

The very serious question of “when is gender identity formed or solidified” is no trivial matter, because down at the local hospital there are possibly surgeons that are cutting off healthy body parts on transgender people based on the theories behind this question. Similarly worse, the parents of transgender youth are blocking the puberty of their children and ultimately sterilizing these kids based on the opinions of people in the gender business. So in this post we’ll examine what some of the people billed as “experts” tell the media in interviews about when kids understand gender and gender identity. We’ll also look to see if their opinions are “consistent and persistent”?

The following are quotes from Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy about gender identity and gender. Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy operates the largest clinic for transgender youth in the world at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

April 29, 2015: “Kids do roll through a lot of things as they go through identity formation but our gender is a core part of who we are and we actually all know what our gender is and have pretty solid gender identity by the age of 3 or 4 years old,” Olson said.” [Citation] [Archive]

May 20, 2017: “Children naturally discover and begin expressing their gender identity around ages 3 and 4, Olson-Kennedy said.”

Gender is something people are born with and doesn’t change over time, she said. It also doesn’t always match the biological sex presented and assigned at birth.” [Citation] [Archive]

August 7, 2017: “I just think there’s a lot more openness to the understanding that trans adults start as trans kids,” Olson-Kennedy said. “When people say, ‘Isn’t this too young?’ my question back to them is, ‘Too young for what? How young do people know their gender?’ The answer to that is some people know it at 3, and some people know it at 30.” [Citation] [Archive]

The following interview quotes about gender are from Dr. Marci Bowers. Specializing in sex change surgeries, Bowers is a transgender woman.

December 2, 2016: “Q: How has the transgender movement changed in the last 10 years? How do you feel about these changes?”

“A: There is so much support from family and friends. People also now come with lovers or partners. So too, gender expression and a broader notion of gender identity has opened my eyes to the fact that there is really no other measure in science or nature where there are only two choices. Gender is clearly fluid and broader than male and female.” [Citation] [Archive]

October 12, 2017: “We’re driven by science,” Bowers added, citing Endocrine Society research on gender dysphoria. “And on a personal level, parents get it.”

Gender identity is a concrete thing for kids, usually established by the age of 6, she said. They don’t want to act like or wear the clothes of their birth-assigned gender.” [Citation] [Archive]

The following is a position statement from the Endocrine Society. This is a professional association for the folks who block puberty in transgender children. When a child’s puberty is blocked and then followed by the introduction of cross-sex hormones, the child’s reproductive system is permanently sterilized according to Dr. Norman Spack.

September, 2017: “The medical consensus in the late 20th century was that transgender and gender incongruent individuals suffered a mental health disorder termed “gender identity disorder.” Gender identity was considered malleable and subject to external influences. Today, however, this attitude is no longer considered valid. Considerable scientific evidence has emerged demonstrating a durable biological element underlying gender identity.1,2 Individuals may make choices due to other factors in their lives, but there do not seem to be external forces that genuinely cause individuals to change gender identity.” [Citation] [Archive]

This is what Vanessa LoBue, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University Newark has to say about gender.

March 29, 2016: “It turns out that for young children, initial concepts about gender are quite flexible. In my own research, I’ve found that children don’t begin to notice and adopt gender-stereotyped behaviors (e.g., preferring colors like pink or blue) until the age of two or three. A few years later, their concept of gender becomes quite rigid, and although it becomes more relaxed by middle childhood, even adults have trouble going back to thinking about gender as something that’s flexible.” [Citation] [Archive]

In this excerpt we examine Dr. Norman Spack’s view on when children understand what gender they are? Spack is widely credited with bringing the Dutch medical practice of blocking puberty to America.

March 30, 2008: “IDEAS: When are children old enough to declare what gender they will be?”

“SPACK: All I know is that when I see preadolescents, they have been dressing in the underwear of the other sex for years. These kids are almost certainly transgendered. They’re a unique population of patients. By the time a kid comes in to see me, both parents have agreed that the child is in danger and needs some form of intervention. And that has led to heavy-duty counseling for the child and parents. Therefore I see young people and families who have been evaluated by skilled professionals.”[Citation] [Archive]

As you can see, the question of who to trust when it comes to mutilating or sterilizing your trans kid is based on a lot of subjective opinions about gender and gender identity that are all over the map. Parents, my advice is to choose carefully.

Consider this post as a living document. I’ll add new relevant quotes as I come across them.

The “Endocrine Society Position Statement” Says Gender Identity Isn’t Malleable: But Is That True?

An excerpt from the recent “Endocrine Society Position Statement”.

“The medical consensus in the late 20th century was that transgender and gender incongruent individuals suffered a mental health disorder termed “gender identity disorder.” Gender identity was considered malleable and subject to external influences. Today, however, this attitude is no longer considered valid. Considerable scientific evidence has emerged demonstrating a durable biological element underlying gender identity.1,2 Individuals may make choices due to other factors in their lives, but there do not seem to be external forces that genuinely cause individuals to change gender identity.”[Citation] (Archive).

This sounds all well and good if you’re in the business of administering ultra expensive puberty blocking medications to transgender children, and have a vested interest in saying this, but is it really true that gender identity is not malleable or subject to external influences?

Massive amounts of evidence in media articles about transgender people who gave interviews to the press says that gender identity is in fact not only malleable, but also subject to change because of external influences.

As I’ve pointed out before, I’ve documented well over a hundred cases of people first coming out as gay or lesbian prior to deciding that they are a transgender male or transgender female.

Many people claim that their transgender identity was only decided upon after seeing a transgender person in a YouTube video, in a photo image, or in a documentary. Prior to that, they admit to not even knowing that transgender existed, or what it meant. For years the gender clinics have claimed transgender people knew they were trans at age 3 or 4. But personal interviews makes them out to be liars.

When someone comes out as a lesbian, they are saying to the world that they are a person who was born a female. They are loudly proclaiming that they are sexually attracted to other natal born females. They are announcing that this is their identity. Where is a male identity in any of that?

To go from being known as a lesbian female to being known as a transgender man is clearly demonstrating that gender identity is malleable, either by the individual or by external forces.

Likewise, the gender identity of desisters is clearly malleable, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to desist for the multitude of reasons that they do.

Unbeknownst to me, my child had been bullied and harassed, since she had come out as a lesbian two years prior. When I asked years later, why she didn’t confide in me she said, “I was already a target and I was afraid that if I told you, you would go down to the school, kick down the principal’s door and demand that the school do something.”[Citation]

Some people desist because of, bullying, incidents of violence, or because of reproductive issues. Those are clearly external forces more powerful than gender identity for those persons. Others might decide that life as a man will solve their problem of being bullied for being a lesbian.

“Michelle told Zoerella not to detransition just for her. This had to be her own call. And despite the identity that felt so right in her mind, Zoerella made the decision. Sometimes, detransitioning from female back to male leaves a man permanently impotent or sterile. Dennis, whose detransitioning process took several months, returned to life as a man with fewer complications than most. “I’m happy for that,” he says.”[Citation]

For some people the horrors induced as byproducts of medical transition are enough to make them rethink the fantasy that they’re really the opposite sex.

“Early in my transition, I went through menopause. This caused vaginal atrophy and drip incontinence that has persisted for years. I piss myself slowly all day now; it’s really not cute or fun. I refused to acknowledge it was connected to the HRT-caused vaginal atrophy that immediately preceded its onset until months after going off testosterone. Yeah, I signed a paper saying I knew that could happen. I also thought this treatment was my only hope for coping with the intense feelings of alienation/disgust with my femaleness. I was wrong. Transition didn’t help. It did harm, harm that I now have to learn how to live with on top of all the shit I thought transition would fix.”[Citation]

For these harmed persons, the very drugs that are the products of the The Endocrine Society become the external force that makes these people rethink their gender identities.

Taking this further than the desisters or the people who have previously identified as one or multiple other identities, I can speak from my own experience as to whether gender identity is malleable. And I can speak with authority on the subject because I lived as a transgender female for 3 1/2 years before desisting and becoming non-binary.

Why did I desist from being a transgender female?

I desisted because I realized that my gender identity as a female was based entirely on sex stereotypes of what I thought females were based on what society had taught me. Once the reality of that settled in, I no longer wanted to identify as a female. The external force of feminism influenced me to make that decision and think that way. What would the Endocrine Society have to say about that? I’d love to hear it.

So in my opinion as a non-binary, trans person, and as someone who has spent years studying thousands of trans people through the lens of media articles about them, I think the “Endocrine Society Position Statement” that gender identity isn’t malleable or subject to change because of external forces is pure garbage.

L’Oréal Did The Right Thing When It Fired Transgender Model Munroe Bergdorf For Calling All White People Racist

Before beginning EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), the last therapist I had for my Complex PTSD asked me to recount for her all of the major traumas in my life. The therapist abruptly informed me that I could stop when I’d reached ten.

The first trauma I cited was definitely one of the worst. It occurred one evening in rural West Virginia when I was around 8 or 9. We were lost trying to get to the funeral of a distant relative I’d never met. So my father stopped at a gas station to ask directions. Ever curious, I was on his heels as he entered the office area of the filling station.

But as the attendant was giving us the route to the funeral home a man that was severely bleeding burst through the door and collapsed onto the floor. I’ll never forget that his arms looked like strips of bacon. He was screaming the N-word and pointing to a group of black men gathered across the street as the culprits that had cut him up with knives. Looking at them through the window of the station, I could see that some of them were laughing. As a kid who’d been sheltered in the white suburbs ringing Washington, D.C., that was my youthful introduction to adult black males.

As I entered my teen years, I received a further glimpse into our nation’s festering race problems. At the time I was working on a tobacco farm in Southern Maryland alongside some of the black classmates that I attended middle and high school with. The shocker for me this time came during what the white farm owner called the “dinner meal.”

Because I was white, I was invited into their farm house for lunch. While my black classmates however were forced to eat outside. The farmer made a point of telling me that no black folks were allowed inside his home. This was 50 miles outside of our nation’s capital in the late 1970s.

One of my earliest basic training haircuts occurred at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, soon after I’d turned 19. I still vividly remember those minutes in the chair because the black barber who cut my hair used a straight razor on my neck afterwards. He appeared quite perplexed as to why I was so nervous about him shaving my neck, but the truth is all I could think about at the time was the gas station incident.

Despite the leadership efforts of the officers that I served under to achieve equality between the races and the sexes in the Army, the results were a mixed-bag. Throughout my career, I witnessed various incidents of racial discrimination happening in all directions. I witnessed white’s discriminating against blacks. I saw blacks discriminating against people who were white. And on several occasions I was the victim of that discrimination. But in the eyes of my military leadership, the discrimination was only able to be recognized and actionable when it occurred against minorities.

The prevailing view was that whites couldn’t be discriminated against by minorities. When asked when white history month was? Some leaders would joke and tell the troops that it was every other month. Beneath the calm surface, there were clearly racial issues during the time that I served. But everyone pretended there wasn’t, because their evaluation reports depended upon not having any reportable incidents.

One of the more notable incidents of racial discrimination and sexual harassment that I endured happened during my Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course (ANCOC). I was in my mid 30s then, an NCO heading into the senior enlisted ranks. One of my peers, a black staff sergeant, often told me if any of us would make it to sergeant major, that it would be me. Despite my potential for that rank, I bailed due to sexual harassment for being gay long before that could have ever happened.

I received a full and hateful taste of discrimination during that ANCOC course. Despite having the highest academic grade point average in my class, our black instructor gave all of the important leadership jobs to the black service members in the class. That same black course instructor gave me a low rating on a critical drill and ceremony evaluation. I found out later the date marked was on a day that he’d been out sick. The fill-in instructor never made any comments that I’d screwed anything up.

Things got much nastier on the field exercise for the course when the black instructor and three of my black classmates decided to eat lunch near me one afternoon; using the whole meal period to taunt me, describing in great detail male on male sex acts and remarking how disgusting it was. They did this while talking directly at me, while studying my reaction, and trying to elicit one. But I remained silent.

Coincidentally, one of the black soldiers involved in that sexual harassment incident held the second highest grade point average in the class, behind me. It was quite clear that the group of them resented me being in the lead and would have liked nothing more than to see me booted out of the Army for being gay. They didn’t even have any evidence that I was gay. They just perceived me that way.

By the time graduation rolled around in ANCOC, I took comfort in the fact that I’d graduate with at least some kind of honors because I still held the highest academic average. For that same accomplishment I’d graduated as the Distinguished Honor Graduate of my Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course (BNCOC) course a couple years prior. I’d been given a special diploma for the accomplishment.

But on the morning of graduation from ANCOC, the black instructor approached me, informing me that I wouldn’t receive any special honors because of my substandard performance evaluation during the drill and ceremony evaluation.

Needless to say, I was livid, but I kept my military bearing and participated in the graduation. But instead of departing the NCO Academy afterward with my peers, I instead stayed and demanded a meeting with the head enlisted supervisor of the NCO Academy. During which I pointed out how I was given a substandard evaluation for drill and ceremony that was signed by the black instructor on a day that he wasn’t even at work. I of course couldn’t talk about the sexual harassment that had occurred for fear of getting formally labeled as being gay.

My claim about the evaluation dates and him not being at work were verified and found to be true. But the Academy’s enlisted leadership didn’t want to hear that something like this had happened. The best they offered was to upgrade my course evaluation document with a bullet comment that I’d graduated with the highest grade point average in the class. My dreams of being the distinguished honor graduate a second time were killed by reverse discrimination.

When I arrived at Fort Drum, New York for what would be my last duty assignment, the first job I was assigned to was to serve as a platoon sergeant. I had 41 soldiers. In that frigid, cold Upstate New York area, my leadership joked that half the base was suicidal and the other half were alcoholics.

In that first year of being a platoon sergeant, I had major participation in separating 11 of those service members from the military for severe behavior issues. Five of those separated went to prison for offenses such as loaded guns in their barracks rooms, car thefts, and armed robbery. Because Fort Drum didn’t have a jail, I had to keep those bad apples in my platoon until their court martial was finished and they were shipped off to a military prison. As someone who went in to serve as a tank and truck mechanic, being a cop without a weapon wasn’t what I signed up for.

All of these soldiers headed to prison were minorities. Most of them were black. It was revealed during the court martial hearings that some of them had prior felony convictions. Some had been involved in street gangs. The recruiters put them in to make their numbers. My squad leaders and I were serving in a rear support unit, we weren’t trained to be military police officers. Nor were we armed in garrison. But yet we were expected to deal with these hardcore criminals until they went to prison. It was scary stuff. To this day, I’ve got serious trauma from it.

The morning of my first ever leadership job in the military while assigned to a maintenance unit in Germany a black soldier threatened to kick my ass and pound me to a pulp if I ever told him to clean the barracks again. The same thing happened in a unit at Fort Hood during barracks cleaning. At that same Fort Hood unit, soon after getting my staff sergeant stripes, another black soldier threatened me with an axe. He got away with it by claiming he was joking.

I gave orders, some of them quite unpleasant, to thousands of white soldiers during my military career. I don’t recall any of them them ever threatening me with violence for doing so.

As the weeks passed at Fort Drum waiting for the court martial hearings to take place two of my squad leaders began to have mental break downs. They were literally crying in my office from the mental stress and from the fear of dealing with these bad guys.

One evening, during one of those counseling sessions. Which were comprised of reading the written statements that I’d written about them, to them, before asking them to sign, one of the black soldiers who’d been caught with a loaded gun in his room during a health and welfare inspection made a point of telling me that “he was really starting to hate white people.”

I responded by filing a formal equal opportunity complaint against him. Although my complaint was investigated by a black NCO from battalion headquarters, he found no instance of racism having had occurred. This NCO instead described it as a “discipline issue.”

The same black soldier who’d told me “he was really starting to hate white people” later wrote a letter during a field exercise addressed specifically to me. In the letter he threatened to kill members of the platoon. I had the vibe that I was one of the people he intended to kill.

Despite supposedly facing around 200 years of criminal charges, the command had sent these gang-bangers who were facing a court martial on the field exercise with their M16s. So throughout the exercise, I was deathly worried whether these minorities that were facing all these criminal charges had any live ammo. I further worried that these criminals were going to slit my throat in my sleep because I was the one who’d initially turned them into the criminal investigative services for their crimes, which led to all the charges. Let’s just say I wasn’t sleeping very well.

After the field exercise and back in garrison, these gang-bangers that had been recruited into the Army were now refusing to even come to work in the maintenance shop because they were heading to prison. They didn’t think things could get any worse for them by adding those charges onto their already long list of crimes. So they started locking their barracks room doors, refused to answer their doors, and just flat out refused to report for duty.

Being the platoon sergeant, at that point, I took over the job of dutifully writing them counseling statements for each infraction. I kept them at the maintenance shop during the day. The command kept them on extra duty at battalion until late hours in the evenings. The gang-bangers response to being on extra duty was to to steal the colonel’s laptop by climbing over a wall and through the suspended ceiling tiles to his office.

Fearing they had guns, and that they would hurt me or others, I told the unit commander that I wasn’t getting these hoodlums out of their rooms any more unless he issued me a handgun from the arms room. The commander responded by calling the military police. The military police showed up with a SWAT Team to remove them. The Army put them in the civilian jail in Lowville, New York to await their court martials.

Years after I’d retired from the military when I began to live as a transgender woman, I was confronted with the grim statistics of violence against trans women like me. I also knew trans women of color were even more likely to face this violence. But through research I discovered a harsh truth that few wish to talk about. Which is most of the violence that occurs against trans women happens in minority communities. It’s literally black on black violence. But it’s not politically correct to say that, despite it being true. So if you stay out of those communities, then your risk of being harmed as a trans woman goes way down. White trans women seem to be well aware of this and act accordingly. That’s part of the reason I moved to Portland, where it’s nicknamed “The Pale Northwest.”

In Portland, I had two incidents of being harassed about my transgender status. Both perpetrators were black males.

So at this point in life, I know a few things about racism, discrimination, and racial based violence because of my lived experiences. L’Oréal did the right thing when it fired transgender model Munroe Bergdorf for calling all white people racist. As for all those social justice warriors that keep lecturing people like me about our perceived white privilege? Well, they can just go screw themselves too.

Transgenderism, Sex Stereotypes, And When It All Falls Apart

ABBEY Boon can’t explain how she knows she’s a girl – she just is.“[Citation]

The reason we’re so far down the smoking rabbit hole that is the medical end of transgenderism is because of the media. Because without the media, the gender clinics that are practicing eugenics and sterilizing the transgender population wouldn’t have a voice or platform to sell their product. That’s because not enough journalists are asking these transgender children the right things, which should be tough questions. And even when these reporters do intrude deeper, they then allow sex stereotypes to be used as a justification or scapegoat for an answer.

The truth is if all transgender people who identify as boys or girls are actually firmly pressed to justify why they are boys or girls, then it follows the same predictable path. Anyone who’s paying close attention will notice the patterns. It begins with answers like those given by Abbey Boon; that they can’t explain why they are a boy or a girl, they just are.

It begs the question: is such a ridiculous answer really a valid justification to block a child’s puberty and then sterilize them with cross-sex hormones? Because this crazy answer can’t pass any kind of common-sense reasoning or any kind of scientific test.

Some of the 11-year-old’s earliest memories include asking her parents for a fairy dress, taking Barbies to preschool, playing with her grandmother’s makeup and throwing a Ben 10 watch received as a gift across the room in disgust.“[Citation]

Once a binary trans person is cornered and forced to give an explanation about why they’re really a boy or a girl, the sex-stereotypes are then trotted out by the person, the parents, or the media. We’ll hear about the gendered toys or clothing of the opposite sex that the person wears or plays with. For trans girls we’ll hear about the pink, the glitter, and the love of makeup.

But sometimes without realizing the media will slip up and we’ll get a glimpse into the fact that the kid is probably autistic. Which would perfectly explain some of the not so subtle behavior that slipped into the article or video such as something being thrown across the room or the twirling of hands or arms while trying to talk. Dr. Kenneth Zucker often talks about the suspected link between gender dysphoria and autism. The media, not so much.

All of these hints in media articles that I read and studied began to have special meaning to me because I began to recognize various components of these behaviors and activities in myself. Which led to me having to ultimately confront them.

For example, in hindsight, I fully admit that I was using sex stereotypes such as liked, or performed activities that are stereotypically associated with being female as a justification to claim that I was really a woman and a female. And I did so because that’s what I was taught by society and the media to do. That’s the way the two programmed me to think. Sprinkle in the fact that I probably have autism and it was all real and fully believable to me at the time.

But unlike many of the binary-sex aligned trans folks, I wasn’t able to keep believing that I was really a female. Because there were a number of significant events during my transition journey that were simply to powerful, distressing and impressionable to ignore. They changed my thinking.

Like the time at Portland’s Q Center when a local lesbian offered to teach attendees of the trans woman’s support group “how to walk like a female.”

At the time, I thought to myself, if she’s nice enough to donate her time to do this, then I should be nice enough to attend. Besides, I found the topic interesting. But at the same time the thought of what she wanted to teach me was upsetting, because at that point in my transition I was already legally a woman. And if I was “legally a woman since birth” as it then said on my now changed birth certificate, then didn’t that also mean that I was already walking like a female as well?

It turns out that I wasn’t really walking like a female. And that I never can “walk like a female” because of my male biology. That’s because I don’t have a female pelvis and the hip alignment of a female. I have a male skeletal frame, not a female one.

This female instructor demonstrated all of this in a shocking series of slides and videos. She was there to teach me to fake the walk of a real woman. But I don’t like faking anything because it makes me feel like a fraud. And I don’t like feeling that anything I’m doing is fraudulent. So it was a pretty crushing thing to attend.

These were the types of moments, of which there were many, in my journey to become a woman that brought transgenderism crashing down for me. All these events became a cascading series of domino’s that made me confront what I falsely believed.

“It wasn’t just like one morning I woke up and said, ‘Yup, I’m going to be a male today,’” said [Nevada Guard sergeant] Hunt, who now goes by Sam. “I think it was more of a process. First people come out as being a lesbian. Then they start dressing like a man, then you start figuring out your life … You start thinking that I know I’m not supposed to feel like this and then you realize maybe there is more…then you eventually find a path that is right for you.”[Citation]

Transgender man Sam Hunt is right about the processes that take place in the evolution of fooling yourself into thinking that you’re a male or a female for binary trans people. But it’s really far different than how he describes it. Because how it really goes is first you try to get everyone to believe that you “feel like a girl or a boy.” Which of course isn’t a valid feeling. But then when forced to explain what that really means by a responsible journalist, the sex stereotypes are rolled out for justification. Next it’s the clothing of the opposite sex or the stereotypical activities performed as a child. Then as the person ages it’s the taking of the cross-sex hormones. Finally it’s the secondary sex characteristics produced by those hormones that are used.

Changes were visible and my body moulded into what I wanted it to be. I grew breasts and my entire body became feminine. My family was shocked and as time went by, I had to sit them down and explain the changes,” said Asie.”[Citation]

Eventually though, all of these lies that trans people tell themselves to claim they’re really members of the opposite sex all begin to fall apart for them in their alone in the dark moments. Or when cornered by the media.

These trans kids know they’re not a sex that’s opposite of their biology. Maybe it’s time for the media that’s being complicit in sterilizing them to be a lot more stern in their interviews.

About Those Legal Threats Children

Update: After this was published Diana Patton sent me yet another legal threat, this time claiming their “background is in computer forensics, and cyber crime” and that their skills will be used against me. Sorry, I refuse to believe that Patton is telling the truth about their background.

Yet again yesterday, I received another nasty online communication threatening legal action. This time from trans woman Diana Patton. As usual, and as has happened many times before over the past year, I was accused of outing trans people, publishing their information without permission from them, and of putting them and the rest of the trans community at risk by doing so.

Yeah, these dumb-asses really think they speak for the trans community, like they’re some type of police force for it.

The reason I readily call these type folks dumb-asses is because what they’re referring to is me publishing web links to news articles about them.

That’s it. Just links to news articles they’ve appeared in. That’s my big crime that’s gonna trigger these legal actions; publishing links to news articles that I’ve read and studied about transgenderism.

I merely read news stories about trans people sent to me by Google via email from Google alerts for keywords such as “transgender,” or read transgender news stories in my personalized Google news feed about these people. All of this is readily available to anyone on the Internet via Google Alerts and search engines. The stuff that I thought was worth other people reading or learning as well, I then consolidated my transgender.news website. Which is a mirror for my Transgender Wiki website.

For doing this news aggregation and trans history preservation I’m apparently guilty of putting trans people who willingly gave interviews to the media at risk. These folks are clearly mentally ill beyond things like gender dysphoria, because they have some delusional belief that they actually get to control where information gets published on the Internet. Publishing web links isn’t a copyright violation.

“Simmons sued the publications in May over a story alleging that he was in the process of becoming a woman. While affirming his support for trans people, Simmons has vehemently rejected the claim.”

“But in his tentative ruling, Judge Gregory Keosian ruled that being misidentified as transgender does not inherently expose someone to “hatred, contempt, ridicule or obloquy,” and therefore does not rise to the level of defamation.“[Citation]

Somehow these folks that endlessly take a turn at harassing me about my news aggregation websites — which I do strictly as a learning endeavor and to keep my mind sharp as I age and enter my senior years — don’t seem to understand is that I really do understand their real motivations for doing this.

It’s really not about the websites: it’s about me. They don’t like me and what I advocate.

The websites are just echoing information that’s easily available at the source and allowed to be rebroadcasted. That same information is readily available in search engines. This is really about not liking me and using the websites as a mechanism to harass me.

But if gossip websites misidentifying Richard Simmons as trans in the media “does not inherently expose someone to “hatred, contempt, ridicule or obloquy,” and therefore does not rise to the level of defamation,” then anything I’m doing by merely consolidating news links certainly isn’t going to rise to the level of being harmful or illegal.

For around a year now, these types folks have been actually threatening me with legal action for “publishing web links.”

One mother of a trans boy even said she was going to get the ACLU to sue me. Yes, Jennifer Halpaus actually threatened to have my website taken down by the ACLU.

“Milo Yiannopoulos trades on outrage. He is a professional provocateur who has turned insulting different groups of people into a specialty.”

He has claimed that the very existence of transgender people is the product of delusional thinking. He has compared Black Lives Matter activists to the KKK. And he has fostered both anti-Muslim bias and disdain for women in one breath, characterizing abortion as “so clearly bad for women’s health that it falls second only to Islam.”[Citation]

Yeah, that ACLU. The ACLU that’s representing Milo Yiannopoulos. The ACLU representing the mean guy who claims trans kids like the one that belongs to Halpaus are the “product of delusional thinking.”

Sigh. My blocked list of annoying people continues to grow. And I’m perfectly willing to go to court over my right to republish web links and create categories for them.

The Trannies That Keep Erasing The Non-Binary Transgender Population

“This is yet another challenge by the White House to deny equality to transgender service men and women. The hypocrisy is startling.”[Citation]

The exclusionary comment from TLDEF board co-chair of Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund Alaina Kupec.

“The move to purge transgender military personnel is dishonorable to the thousands of transgender men and women who are serving our country with courage and who are integral parts of our armed services.”[Citation]

The exclusionary comment from Lambda attorney Sasha Buchert.

More than one-third of the survey respondents identified themselves as “non-binary” — a term used to describe people whose gender identity is not exclusively male or female.“[Citation]

As a highly decorated veteran and non-binary transgender Army retiree, I’m pretty disgusted that two nonprofit, legal aid organizations, who bill themselves as trans advocacy organizations, would use language that excludes a full third of the transgender community.

I’ll say it again: we don’t have transgender military service. We have transsexual military service that was designed and implemented by transsexuals.

Sue Fulton And Sparta: Telling Lies For The Cause

“Transgender people are just as deployable as other service members,” Sue Fulton, former president of the LGBT military organization Sparta, told the Journal.”

“Other service members may undergo procedures when they are at home base, just as other service members schedule shoulder surgery or gall bladder surgery,” she said, adding that there were no “ongoing treatments” for transgender individuals that would cause them to be nondeployable.“[Citation]

Sorry Sue, I’m willing to make a liar out of you and prove that you don’t even know what you’re talking about. The reporters may not be willing call you out on your garbage, but I will.

“Macaluso, 27, who lives in Justin, was worried about her ability to serve before the tweets because she had been denied a medical waiver for deployment in March to Kuwait by U.S. Central Command medical personnel. U.S. Central Command is a governing body in the military established in January 1983 for forces deploying to parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and elsewhere.”

“She said U.S. Central Command denied her medical waiver because she had not yet legally changed her gender marker from male to female on identifying documents and because of her hormone replacement therapy, which began in May 2016, she was “not stable.”[Citation]

Hormones treatments for transsexuals are a lifelong thing. Clearly this person can’t deploy because of “unstable hormones.”

Transgender Military Ban: It’s Not The Money Stupid

Banning Transgender Troops Could Cost U.S.$960 Million, Report Says“[Citation]

Transgender Policy Could Cost Military Billions Over Ten Years“[Citation]

The more time you spend studying the headlines and the media’s attempts to affect social change, the more that you realize how much of what they write is garbage. It’s quite clear that much of what they do is intended solely for the purpose of changing the public’s opinion on an issue, not reporting the news in an unbiased way.

For example, different elements of the media and other organizations now want us all to believe that the same Pentagon who they warned us about for their buying of $540 toilet seats now suddenly cares about money as the deciding factor in transgender military service.

News flash: The military doesn’t care about money. Speaking as someone who used to order $100,000 replacement transmissions for armored vehicles all day long, I know this to be true. The military only cares about readiness and being quickly able to deploy. What that costs is irrelevant. Because military leaders get fired for not being ready. They don’t get fired for spending too much money.

The ability of transgender members to deploy and fight will ultimately be the most deciding factor in whether or not we continue to serve. Or the only factor.”

Activity restrictions during 3 months after sex reassignment surgery

“To ensure your complete healing, it is necessary to avoid any activities which may cause wound tear or wound complication. The example activities which are strictly forbidden during 3 month recovery from SRS are as follows:”

“1. Stretch or spread the labia in order to clean or see or take a photo.”

“2. Sexual intercourse”

“3. Strenuous activities or any activities which may put pressure against the genital area, for example, hiking uphill, horseback riding, bicycling or motorcycle riding.”

“4. Play sports or do exercises which are susceptible to acute overstretching of the genital area include yoga, aerobic dancing, pilates.”[Citation]

What activists and mouthpieces for the media fail to understand is that they are speaking about a subject on which they’re basically entirely ignorant. Because if any of them had actually served a day in their lives, they would know that the military freaks out when a soldier goes on leave for thirty days. That’s right, military leaders worry if a soldier will come back in shape enough to still pass a physical fitness test after being off duty for a month.


Because that would make the soldier unfit for duty. It interferes with their ability to deploy. It’s grounds for getting put out and having your career ended.

The media and activists should ask: what level of worry does doing nothing for 90 days after SRS cause these same leaders?

“Today, the U.S. military is largely gone from Iraq and is preparing to leave not just Afghanistan but the perhaps the business of Middle Eastern ground wars entirely. But getting the MRAPs out of the land-locked Afghan war zone is difficult and expensive. So, six years after launching a program that’s cost almost $50 billion in total and about $1 million per vehicle, the United States military is quietly chopping up as many as 2,000 MRAPs into scrap metal, The Washington Post’s Ernesto Londoño reports.”[Citation]

As I’ve said before, we’ve allowed the surgery kings and queens to destroy transgender military service for an entire community of which they are only a part. And anyone who thinks this is about money, well, they’re just stupid.

Jamie Shupe Supported Washington State Initiative 1552 For Just Want Privacy: True Or False?

Answer: Partially True.

The truth is I agreed to appear on The Todd Herman Show on behalf of Kaeley Triller Haver. And I did so because I think women (defined as biological females) and children are the real victims in the bathroom war. Another reason I appeared on the show is because I think instead of just calling these folks bigots like much of our community does, I think we should at all times have an open and respectful dialogue with those that disagree on our ideologies. Being hopelessly deadlocked doesn’t work for juries, Congress, or LGBT politics. We all need to work together to find workable compromises to coexist and get along.

One of the things I recall Todd saying during his radio show was that he thought transgender people were pawns in the bathroom war. I don’t agree with that statement. I think women and children are the real pawns in the bathroom war. Because even if anything like 1552 passes it still doesn’t really gain women or children anything much beyond where they are now, or solve their existing problem.

For the binary sex identifying members of the transgender community the bathroom war is a battle over their right to identify as males and females. It’s affirmation for them. For the religious elements, especially the evangelical side of the house, and many of the conservatives, the bathroom war is likewise a battle over identity. These groups are trying to control who can be defined as males and females. So it’s part religious war and part bathroom war.

Nothing about this battle over bathrooms actually solves the problem for women and children of men routinely waltzing into their private spaces and either filming or sexually assaulting them. This is why I describe women and children as the pawns of the bathroom war.

“Relying on state education records, supplemented by federal crime data, a yearlong investigation by The Associated Press uncovered roughly 17,000 official reports of sexual assaults by students from fall 2011 to spring 2015.“[Citation]

So for the record, I appeared on the Todd Herman show to support Kaeley Triller Haver’s fight to protect women and children, because I understand their plight. As someone who’s been sexually abused by two different people as a youth, I understand where they’re coming from and why they do what they do. I care. Their safety needs are more important than my identity needs. I don’t care what the cost is in saying this.

I didn’t offer unequivocal support for the Washington State 1552 initiative. I didn’t agree with all parts of it, and no one has bothered to ask me that question. Instead, they’ve just made assumptions that I offered complete support for the proposed ballot initiative. For the record, I don’t agree with fining or suing people for using a bathroom. We need smarter and safer solutions to our bathroom problem.

I also take a dim view to what the LGBT legal organizations do in regards to the bathroom war because they’re not solving the safety problem for women and children by their endless lawsuits against school systems, which are taking money away from more important things. Instead these LGBT legal organizations are selfishly fighting identity battles while fully knowing that women and children are their collateral damage during this bathroom war.

The only thing that will actually solve the problem for women and children and everyone else is to start working to get everyone into their own private, safe, and secure spaces. That’s a big, tough task. It takes guts. It takes people that really are leaders. It takes infrastructure money. None of the LGBT legal aid organizations are up to a challenge like that. Instead, they’d rather blow their money on child soldiers for their bathroom wars. I don’t think they care about these clients. Because if they win it bolsters the ego of some trans man or some trans woman somewhere in their food and money chain.

The glaring thing you’ll notice about the bathroom war is that the genderqueer/non-binary community doesn’t have bathrooms despite making up one third of the transgender population. Where’s the sympathy from Lambda or the ACLU about this?

I don’t go into women’s restrooms as I don’t “pass”, and if you don’t pass in this state there’s a heavy stigma that you’re probably trying to creep on children in a bathroom.“[Citation]

It’s also a fact that only 21% of the trans community can pass as the opposite sex in public accommodation settings such as bathrooms.. Let alone locker rooms, which elevates the discussion to an entirely new level. So even if Lambda and the ACLU win their fucked up bathroom wars with their child soldiers like Gavin Grimm and Drew Adams, the trans community in general still loses. Because the bulk of us don’t look like or pass as the sex that’s opposite of our biologies.

Nor does it take a rocket scientist to point out that one of the biggest dangers in letting transgender men become too heavily involved in bathroom litigation is the fact that since they pass far better than trans women because of the strong hair growth effects of testosterone injections, they lose touch with reality in regards to what the trans community as a whole looks like.

If having facial hair is the standard for being a male or represents what a male looks like according to how transgender men think, then nearly all trans women are still males.

We deserve better leadership. I’m not one to shy away from pointing this out.