About Those Legal Threats Children

Update: After this was published Diana Patton sent me yet another legal threat, this time claiming their “background is in computer forensics, and cyber crime” and that their skills will be used against me. Sorry, I refuse to believe that Patton is telling the truth about their background.

Yet again yesterday, I received another nasty online communication threatening legal action. This time from trans woman Diana Patton. As usual, and as has happened many times before over the past year, I was accused of outing trans people, publishing their information without permission from them, and of putting them and the rest of the trans community at risk by doing so.

Yeah, these dumb-asses really think they speak for the trans community, like they’re some type of police force for it.

The reason I readily call these type folks dumb-asses is because what they’re referring to is me publishing web links to news articles about them.

That’s it. Just links to news articles they’ve appeared in. That’s my big crime that’s gonna trigger these legal actions; publishing links to news articles that I’ve read and studied about transgenderism.

I merely read news stories about trans people sent to me by Google via email from Google alerts for keywords such as “transgender,” or read transgender news stories in my personalized Google news feed about these people. All of this is readily available to anyone on the Internet via Google Alerts and search engines. The stuff that I thought was worth other people reading or learning as well, I then consolidated my transgender.news website. Which is a mirror for my Transgender Wiki website.

For doing this news aggregation and trans history preservation I’m apparently guilty of putting trans people who willingly gave interviews to the media at risk. These folks are clearly mentally ill beyond things like gender dysphoria, because they have some delusional belief that they actually get to control where information gets published on the Internet. Publishing web links isn’t a copyright violation.

“Simmons sued the publications in May over a story alleging that he was in the process of becoming a woman. While affirming his support for trans people, Simmons has vehemently rejected the claim.”

“But in his tentative ruling, Judge Gregory Keosian ruled that being misidentified as transgender does not inherently expose someone to “hatred, contempt, ridicule or obloquy,” and therefore does not rise to the level of defamation.“[Citation]

Somehow these folks that endlessly take a turn at harassing me about my news aggregation websites — which I do strictly as a learning endeavor and to keep my mind sharp as I age and enter my senior years — don’t seem to understand is that I really do understand their real motivations for doing this.

It’s really not about the websites: it’s about me. They don’t like me and what I advocate.

The websites are just echoing information that’s easily available at the source and allowed to be rebroadcasted. That same information is readily available in search engines. This is really about not liking me and using the websites as a mechanism to harass me.

But if gossip websites misidentifying Richard Simmons as trans in the media “does not inherently expose someone to “hatred, contempt, ridicule or obloquy,” and therefore does not rise to the level of defamation,” then anything I’m doing by merely consolidating news links certainly isn’t going to rise to the level of being harmful or illegal.

For around a year now, these types folks have been actually threatening me with legal action for “publishing web links.”

One mother of a trans boy even said she was going to get the ACLU to sue me. Yes, Jennifer Halpaus actually threatened to have my website taken down by the ACLU.

“Milo Yiannopoulos trades on outrage. He is a professional provocateur who has turned insulting different groups of people into a specialty.”

He has claimed that the very existence of transgender people is the product of delusional thinking. He has compared Black Lives Matter activists to the KKK. And he has fostered both anti-Muslim bias and disdain for women in one breath, characterizing abortion as “so clearly bad for women’s health that it falls second only to Islam.”[Citation]

Yeah, that ACLU. The ACLU that’s representing Milo Yiannopoulos. The ACLU representing the mean guy who claims trans kids like the one that belongs to Halpaus are the “product of delusional thinking.”

Sigh. My blocked list of annoying people continues to grow. And I’m perfectly willing to go to court over my right to republish web links and create categories for them.