Transgender Military: The Perfect Storm

There’s a perfect storm brewing that has the potential to wipe out transgender military service in the United States, but few are willing to acknowledge the ominous clouds that have gathered outside their windows, nor are they willing to allow those dark clouds to interrupt their Obama-era hurricane party.

“And they said they are troubled, as well, by an America that seems to have embraced multiculturalism and political correctness without question. They said they did not understand the Black Lives Matter movement, wondered why Democrats seemed so fixated on transgender access to bathrooms and tended to be enraged at the way veterans are treated and violence directed at the police.”[Citation]

Unlike the typical storm that developed from the flutter of a butterfly’s wings off the coast of Africa, this one developed it’s dangerous winds from the fierce roar of America’s heartland. The beast of flyover country has awakened and it seeks the blood and meat of the SJW (Social Justice Warrior) as it comes out of hibernation from a long winter of Democrat rule.

Common sense would dictate that the SJW would operate under the same medical ethics that doctors do. The SJWs should promise to — do no harm — to the communities in which they operate, but that isn’t always the case. Instead, the SJW’s seek out the most notorious targets to amplify their voices and elevate their fame.

For example, the SJWs could choose a white-collar criminal, who has never committed violence, that’s doing time in a medium-security prison to advance their agenda of getting trans prisoners transgender health care such as HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or surgeries. This would be a smart move because it wouldn’t give the feminists that decry all things trans woman or all things male-violence anything to complain about. But such a low-key criminal doesn’t gather SJW’s enough fame; only a notorious murderer or infamous traitor will do.

Long in the making, our perfect storm became a Category 5 hurricane as President Trump and Vice President Pence were taking office. This occurred against the backdrop of a bathroom war that’s really a battle about identity. And also against the backdrop of an already bloodied transgender community that’s been cowering in fear of these two national leaders; two vicious leaders who were already publicly eating our transgender young. But the SJW lawyers partied on anyway, championing their legal victories and bragging about how they just got a convicted murderer a sex-change on the taxpayers dime, and how they just freed one of America’s most notorious traitors. The SJWs that should be doing no harm, had in fact just did a whole bunch of that very thing.

If Trump and Pence were willing to openly unleash their dogs of religious war to attack mere transgender children, then how could the SJWs possibly think that the transgender military people that these two politicians see as men in dresses would remain safe and not get sucked into the swirling winds?

The SJW operates with such prowess that they’ve managed to flim-flam the American public that drinks their Kool-Aid into opening their wallets to fund their campaigns. Even worse, they’ve even managed to fool the very communities that they operate in to believing that the bad people they are helping aren’t even bad people. The recipients of their SJW help are no longer people that have killed others instead of running away, or murderers, or traitors to our nation’s military and the nation itself; they are instead just the down-trodden victims of society, who are in need of help.

When I ask people how they can support freeing Chelsea Manning after Bradley Manning (a biological male that passed an Army Physical Fitness Test as a male) punched a (biological) female superior in the face during wartime, in a combat zone; they give me the “deer-in-the-headlights” look of shock. These people then tell me they didn’t even know about that. When I further ask them about Manning bragging about punching a dyke in the face in chat logs for WikiLeaks, they claim ignorance about that as well. This insanity is because the SJW’s have basically been allowed to rewrite Manning’s awful history. The bruise on that female’s face is no longer visible, so it never happened. That’s the beauty of Wikipedia, anyone can rewrite history at any time with alternate facts or with their own opinion of how things happened, all under the disguise of neutrality. The mainstream media is complicit as well. Please show me how many of the media outlets cheering the release of Manning actually reported these inconvenient facts?

If Parker Molly can get put into a “Transgender Violence Tracking Portal” for telling someone to drink bleach during an argument with an SJW, then how can Manning get a mulligan for male-violence, something far worse, and instead be made a transgender community hero? Only an SJW would have the nerve to do such a thing. I’m your runaway general in the trans community. And and I won’t tolerate, support, turn a blind-eye, or remain silent about this, or a lot of the other crap that (you) the SJW’s do. As you know or may not know, I’m not just a part of, or just a student of transgender history, I record it. Why hasn’t Manning been branded as homophobic?

It’s no secret that the SJW’s treat transgender advocacy as a jobs program for these same bad apples, further destroying the reputation of the very community they claim to be helping. Out of prison now? You’d make you a speaker at America’s colleges. Because killing people really is okay. Or, let’s put you to work as one of our trans advocates. If the conservatives can claim and argue that the military isn’t or shouldn’t be a jobs program for the nation’s social experiments such as transgender military service and use that argument to destroy the opportunity for transgender Americans to serve their nation, then the SJW’s should take note and avoid making the most infamous people of our community, the face of our community. Let the non-deployable types help behind the scenes. Don’t put them on stage as the stars of the show. This behavior has real consequences.

As Trump and Pence were coming into power the main headline for the transgender community should have been “Obama Selects Two Transgender People for Presidential Appointments.” Instead the news headlines were dominated for weeks by stories such as “Obama’s Dilemma On Chelsea Manning” and “California Funds 1st U.S. Inmate Sex Reassignment Surgery.” The SJW’s clearly are not very intelligent people and it’s all proof that the folks actually doing great things in the transgender community don’t get the biggest headlines. Instead they get buried by the garbage of our community.

These events have set the stage for this perfect storm that has been consolidating it’s winds and forming it’s eye to now destroy transgender American’s newly found right to serve their nation. A very fragile right. A right that was hard won by decades of suffering by over a hundred thousand transgender veterans. But none of this matters to the misguided SJWs seeking fame for their legal accomplishments. Instead, they’re willing to risk the entire transgender fighting force to save one traitor who betrayed all those transgender veterans, the entire U.S. Military, and their own nation. That’s the SJW mentality. That’s the level of stupidity that the SJW’s possess.

It’s now coming down to crunch time for the military’s leadership to decide if transgender Americans should be allowed to continue serving their nation or go back to getting their careers wrecked and kicked to the curb with nothing to show for all their years of service to this nation. As a person who now has Complex PTSD at least partly from my own silent suffering and from all the abuse that I took while quietly serving, I have a vested interest in this outcome.

What the SJW, the equivalent of the military’s Powerpoint Ranger in the civilian world, doesn’t understand is that all the people in the military who have been sitting around in bunkers or remote outposts in places like Afghanistan — getting shot at and shelled, eating MREs, and having gone without showers and hot food for long periods of time without committing suicide — don’t really give a rat’s-ass about poor Chelsea Manning; the jailed ACLU princess that’s been sitting around in the safety of a military prison with three-hots and a cot and feigning suicide. Neither do I. Prison is where the female punching, male-violence trans poster child Chelsea Manning belongs. It’s more of what makes the SJWs stupid, because most of SJWs have never served a day in their lives. They just suck free air and shutdown freeways and grace the cover of conservative tabloids and blogs.

All of this has now set the stage for the SJW’s to allow Manning to be used as a political wedge issue to destroy transgender military service. Even if we get extremely lucky and that doesn’t come to pass, the SJW’s are doing horrendous damage to the transgender community.

I’m too old and too tired to continue preaching to the transgender community, that making problematic people your leaders, or putting them as the face of your events is destroying us. And trust me when I tell you that it’s destroying all of you that are members of this community far worse than it is destroying me, because I’ve got that U.S. Army retirement check and a nearly free health care plan as a result of my service. It’s many of the rest of you that need the very job in the military that I am speaking of. And the SJW’s are destroying your chances of ever getting that job.

©Author: Jamie Shupe