Does Gender Identity Decide Your Sex?

The question: Is a person’s gender identity and ultimately their sex decided by the ideology or by the person?

“A psychiatrist had since diagnosed her with gender dysphoria, a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there is a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity.”[Citation]

The sex crime case of Gayle Newland poses interesting questions about gender dysphoria and gender identity.

If Newland has gender dysphoria that’s telling her that’s she really a male: does that automatically make her a male?

Does having gender dysphoria make her transgender?

Or does Newland and Newland only get to decide if she’s a male or a female, transgender, or something else?

If Newland decides that she’s just a female with gender dysphoria, then what’s the difference between Newland and a transgender man? Because we know that transitioning doesn’t actually change anyone’s biological sex.

This is an obvious problem for the binary trans folks and their ideology that your gender identity is your sex.

The Transgender Parent Parade And The Gender Clinic Infomericals

The more I study the news on transgenderism, the more sickened I become by the tactics I see used to advance the medical end of it.

Are these examples really what we want as the public face of transgenderism?

“Jack Turban, M.D., a researcher and psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, recalls seeing a transgender girl so disgusted by her genitals that she refused to go to the bathroom, causing intestinal damage severe enough that she needed surgery.”[Citation]

Would the military allow these trans kids that gender clinics use to promote themselves to serve?

“By that point, her son had developed an anxiety-induced Pica eating disorder, gnawing on wood splinters from his bed and chewing holes in his sheets and denim dungarees.”[Citation]

Can anyone really claim all of this is the normal end of transgenderism and not mental illness? (This One Committed Suicide)

“During this time, the inner turmoil of confusion over my identity only escalated. I went through several identities, sometimes changing every two weeks, from pansexual to lesbian, genderqueer, bigender, and genderfluid. Finally, in the summer before 10th grade, I discovered I was transgender.”[Citation]

Our dirty truth is the suicides that get hyped in media articles to sell the cause in reality often look like this. Who gave this kid hormones? (This One Committed Suicide)

“On bad days he had hallucinations, couldn’t manage the voices in his head and couldn’t escape them, even though he tried. He had a complicated mental health diagnosis.”

“Anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder,” she says. “We were dubious about schizophrenia.”

“He had, she says, already ended his hormone therapy because of his mental health issues.”[Citation]

“But faced with the alarming instances of self-harm among this population, doctors finally began to wonder: What if there was nothing inherently wrong with these kids? What if the problem was how they were treated by the world? If these children were accepted and loved, if their parents helped them to embrace the gender they felt they were born to—through either drug therapy or nonmedical “social transitions”—would they be happier? Would the suicide rate drop?”[Citation]

An interesting question for the gender clinicians in regards to affirmation and validation is this: if the affirmation is removed, does the transgender child or person return to being anxious, depressed, and suicidal?

If this is the case, that trans people’s ability to survive or be happy is based on affirmation and validation, then how can it be argued that trans people are fit for military service? Because the military is an environment where these things can be taken away at any moment. The same goes for even functioning in basic society.

Also, what if your trans kid decides that they’re really a dragon? Do you still validate them? Or is validation reserved for more real things: like claiming that you’re the complete opposite sex of your biology?

I would argue this is another glaring failure in their ideologies and methods of treatment.

An Open Letter To: The Joint Staff, Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff, And Senior Enlisted Advisor To The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff

DATE: 18 JULY, 2017


FROM: Jamie Shupe

SUBJECT: Transgender Military Policy And Service

For those of you who are not familiar with me, I will provide some brief background. On June 10, 2016, I was declared as the first legally non-binary person in the United States. What that means is an Oregon judge declared my sex is neither male or female. As a result of that court order, The State of Oregon issued me a State ID on July 3, 2017 with an “X” as my sex identifier. On November 1, 2016, Washington, D.C. removed the sex from my birth certificate; the first time in the history of Washington, D.C. that such a document was issued. I am a Sergeant First Class, who retired from the 10th Mountain Division. I was awarded the Army Achievement Medal 8 times, the Army Commendation Medal four times, and the Meritorious Service Medal twice. I was the Distinguished Honor Graduate from my BNCOC class and the top academic graduate in my ANCOC class. My entry ASVAB score was 125 when I first enlisted and 121 on my subsequent reentry after a six month break in service. I once scored a perfect score on my MOS Qualification Test, one of only a handful to do so at Fort Hood. I’ve scored 300 numerous times on the Army Physical Fitness Test. I’ve shot 40 out of 40 on the rifle range. I’ve marched the 100 miles of Nijmegan on the team that finished first. I was a Master Fitness Trainer, an Equal Opportunity Representative, and an Information Systems Security Officer. I have no history of disciplinary actions during my service. This is some of my military and personal history and some of my qualifications as a former transgender service member.

The reason I am writing is because I have serious reservations about not only how transgender military policy is currently being shaped, but also about some of the voices that are being allowed to shape it.

Prior to having my sex declared as non-binary, I lived for three and a half years as a male to female transgender woman. During that time, I refused to have any surgeries because of the high complication rates and the fact that I know that these surgeries don’t actually change anyone’s sex. Throughout that time I was on hormone replacement therapy and I still am. So I understand the strengths and weaknesses of that treatment as well. Over the past four years I have spent my days studying the transgender community and gender dysphoria. I’ve read and archived tens of thousands of articles about transgender people and about those who treat us.

In this letter, rather than just express personal opinions, I am instead going to back up what I have to say with excerpts from some of those news articles about members of the transgender community. I’m well versed in this subject because I’ve spent nearly every day of the last four years studying and documenting this community. I am the custodian of the Transgender.News and Transgender.Wiki websites.


Navy Seal Kristin Beck admits to having stopped hormone treatments because of kidney problems. I too have had a multitude of problems with the treatment. In January of this year I ended up in the Emergency room with swollen legs and had to be tested for blood clots. The treatment has also left my mood unstable at times.

“She’s now stopped the hormone therapy because it was damaging her kidneys, and she’s decided not to have surgery.”

In this article, a transgender woman admits that hormone replacement therapy was a failure in changing her body and growing breasts. My experience has been exactly the same. Four years later I still look like a male, but I do have some breast growth which I’m content with. This article however demonstrates that those with severe gender dysphoria cannot achieve happiness and will continue to seek out more and more surgeries.

“Yet as a middle-aged late transitioning trans-woman, after four years on hormones, without enhancements in my chest, I basically look like an overweight middle-aged man.”

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the death of service member Rowan Elijah Feldhaus, who died after a hysterectomy at a Georgia military medical facility. Friends are cited as claiming the surgery was part of Rowan’s transition.

“A local transgender man fought for his right to legally change his name in court died after complications with surgery. Last week, Feldhaus went under the knife for one of his gender transition surgeries and there were complications.

“It was complications post surgery and then he was readmitted post surgery and it started snowballing from there,” his friend, Austin Atkins, said.”

Advocates however have tried to frame Rowan’s death as being from polycystic ovary syndrome, which I believe is disingenuous at best.

“Eisenhower Army Medical Center as treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome.”

The Center for Transgender Excellence at the University of San Francisco is quite clear about the risks of testosterone therapy in female to male transsexuals. If Rowan had polycystic ovary syndrome, then it most likely came from the testosterone injections.

“The use of testosterone often results in estrogen deficient, atrophic vaginal tissues akin to a post-menopausal state in cisgender women.[11-13] These atrophic vaginal tissues represent a decline in tissue resilience, skin barrier function, and increased susceptibility to altered microbial environment and resistance which may result in bacterial vaginosis, cystitis, or cervicitis.”


In this article a transgender woman admits that genital surgery didn’t cure her dysphoria.

“What makes it so special for me is a love with someone who gets me on so many levels,” Kara says. “With Jacqui being trans, she gets the dysphoria I still go through sometimes.”

I left the military with PTSD and I spent several years in mental health support groups seeking support for it. I also spent a couple of years in transgender support groups seeking support for that as well at the same time. But in those two groups I noticed some disturbing patterns. What those patterns showed was that members of both groups were consistently clinging to some new cure for their respective problem. In the PTSD group people regularly showed up expressing hope that some untried medicine or that some new exercise or meditation regimen would cure them. Some even believed just having more money would solve their mental health problems. In the transgender support group, the belief for many was that surgeries would cure them of their gender dysphoria. If they just had one or more surgeries all of their problems would go away, they would tell themselves.

“Much of what you can find about gender-affirming surgeries like vaginoplasty makes you think that after you’ve had one, all your problems fade away and your life becomes instantaneously better.”

“My mental health has never been stable, but I know with the right body, and being able to live, laugh and love as Lexi, I will be saved.”

An interesting question for all parties is how these surgeries suddenly became such a focus in the transgender community since 2009 when Mara Keisling of the NCTE said this.

“One misconception is that transitioning requires surgery. It doesn’t. As Mara Keisling, the Executive Director for the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) told me, “Most transsexuals don’t get surgery. This is about gender identity, not about genitals.”

The answer to that question comes from those that benefit from getting our government to pay for these procedures. I urge you to refuse to participate in doing so.


As noted above, Rowan Feldhaus has already died from a transgender related surgery on a military base. But for anyone willing to look there’s plenty of evidence of how often these surgeries not only go wrong, but also result in serious complications.

“Jennifer was set to have her procedure done in Thailand when, at the last minute, a Los Angeles-based surgeon offered her a discount if she would agree to be featured in a documentary on her surgery. Even so, she says, “Paying for it took everything I had.” But a host of complications and nearly a dozen emergency surgeries had her in and out of the hospital for ten months, and the no-frills insurance policy she bought before her transition, like all policies, had its limits.”

Despite having the best surgeon money can buy this transgender woman is now wearing a colostomy bag as a result of her belief that she’s really a woman.

Others who previously had healthy bodies, but who have also been maimed can be found here. There’s plenty of these references readily available on the Internet, but I suspect that they haven’t been provided to you as part of the decision making process.

Not only should the military not be participating in these surgeries because of the risks to the patients themselves, but also because of the lost duty time, and the even more serious issue of the military potentially having to pay disability pay when these surgeries go horribly wrong. Which they often do.

Having been a former service member, I understand the dynamics of unit cohesion. And unit members have no respect for other service members that are not available for duty or that can’t deploy. Nothing about this improves readiness or fosters national security.


“Aron Taylor of Jacksonville finished with the time of 3:42:51, winning first place in her age division. She says this is the first marathon she’s ever participated in and hopes to someday race in Boston.”

Aron Taylor is a former male Marine who’s now a transgender female. The photos clearly show that Aron still has so much muscle mass that she’s able to crush female competitors. How many people win the first marathon they’ve ever competed in?

This next article is an example of the level of mental illness that can be reached over sports issues and while attempting to hide transgender status.

“A former champion fell-runner has been jailed for attempted murder following a row about her testosterone levels after it emerged she was transgender.”

Transgender advocates have tried to sell everyone on the idea that trans women competing in sporting events have no advantage because they don’t have any testosterone. This actually harms them. And the military is taking on a huge burden in trying to regulate these hormones levels to achieve fairness in previously simple things like physical fitness testing. If I haven’t been able to sold on this, then you shouldn’t be either. It’s fraud that will harm female service members.

Here a transgender woman filed a human rights complaint because she has no testosterone and demands to have some.

“Testosterone supplements are banned as performance enhancing, but Toronto-based Worley — unable to produce any sex hormones naturally — says she needs them just to stay healthy and not fall behind other cyclists.”

The news media is full of stories like this of transgender women having first place finishes at major sporting events while competing as women based on gender identity, while still having male bodies.

There also doesn’t seem to be any discussion about the obvious advantages that biological males will retain despite transitioning and the impact that this will have on the promotion system by achieving higher fitness test scores or by them winning athletic events.

“Age, height, race, and sex influence lung size and function. It is well known that normal adult males have larger lungs than females with similar age, height, and ethnicity.”

“The female pelvis has evolved to its maximum width for childbirth and the male pelvis has been optimized for bipedal locomotion.”

“Meanwhile, height and weight standards also differ for male and female sailors. A male sailor who is within standards at 5′ 3″, 155 pounds and plans to transition to female must then meet standards for female sailors, which set the maximum weight for that height at 152 pounds.”

There’s also clear evidence that trying to fit biological male bodies into biologically female height and weight standards is going to cause harm to transgender service members.


If the potential and real harm to female service members isn’t obvious enough at the physical fitness level, it’s even more concerning to ask the question of: do biological males who transition to living as women suddenly get to claim titles of being first in something as military women? How is this fair to all of the women that have served this nation?

“A transgender soldier in the British army has become the first female to serve on the frontline.”

“Guardsman Chloe Allen said she hoped to inspire others to be themselves, after speaking out about beginning the process of gender reassignment.”

“There won’t be any exceptions to certain policies once that gender marker is changed,” Ireland said. “We don’t want this gray area. We don’t want a third gender.”

At this point, my concerns as an Army retiree are that the most unhealthy elements of the transgender community have been allowed to shape military transgender policy and potentially set the stage for the Armed Forces to become essentially surgery clinics for their gender dysphoria problem. This not only does nothing for readiness, it also harms the very diverse transgender community itself, and may ultimately keep us from being able to serve altogether. I didn’t serve and strive for excellence all of those years to have that happen.

What my experience as a former transgender member has taught me is that the best thing the military could have did for me would have been to allow me to serve without the threat of penalty or of career damage just for being a transgender person. Alleviating the threat of discharge for being what I am was more needed than any sort of transgender medical care. My opinion as a former enlisted leader is that if you need significant medical intervention to serve, then you’re not fit to serve. The military should also guard against allowing transgender service members who need extensive medical treatments to formulate policy concerning their service.

My formal recommendation to the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the rest of the military leadership is to institute a policy of allowing transgender members to serve this nation without having to hide their transgender status, providing that they don’t require medical treatments to alleviate their gender dysphoria. These service members should serve as their biological sex, but also have the ability to change their gender designation if needed on discharge records, or to receive medical care after their military service.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie Shupe
SFC, USA Retired

(An official copy of this letter was mailed to the Office Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff on July 18, 2017)

A Trans Woman Asks: ‘How will the Potty Police know I’m transgender if the Governor doesn’t?’

It’s always interesting to watch the media jump on the pictures of trans people that supposedly pass as the opposite sex and use them as evidence that bathroom bills are just about bigots.

But where is their ever the mention that only 21% of the trans community can actually pass as the opposite sex?

If only 21% of the trans community can pass as the opposite sex, then how does creating an expectation of passing in binary-sexed bathrooms actually help the other 79% of trans people who can’t pass? It doesn’t. That’s the glaring failure in their ideology of fighting for binary-sexed bathroom access.

Nor does it help the masculine appearing women that routinely get ejected from female bathrooms for getting mistaken as men because of these sex stereotypes.

Bathroom Wars: Scare Tactics And Counter Scare Tactics

Ginger Chun, Texas parent of a transgender child #1.

“Statistically it shows kids that are not supported have a higher suicide rate and are often not connected with their families as adults if they make it through their young adult years.”[Citation]

Kimberly Shappley, Texas parent of a transgender child #2.

“As they continue to push this bathroom bill, they’re increasing the risk of suicide among the transgender community, especially our youth,” she said.”[Citation]

Mara Keisling, NCTE

“Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, said on the call that proponents of bathroom bills were “trying to score political points with lies and scare tactics”.[Citation]

Puts the scare tactics in a whole new light, doesn’t it?

Dear Dr. Drescher: I Know How To Fix Your Gender Dysphoria Problem

Jack Drescher, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who helped write the section on gender for the most recent edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, made a similarly pragmatic point. “Does his report actually offer alternatives?” he asked. “Because I don’t know of anybody who’s discovered a way to actually talk a transgender person out of their gender dysphoria.”[Citation]

I would say Dr. Drescher doesn’t know anybody who knows how to fix our gender dysphoria problem because none of the folks that sell what he’s selling actually look for anybody that knows. I would further say that I think I have solved their riddle of how to fix gender dysphoria. The answer is simple: stop telling us that we are males and females in the conventional sense and start telling us that we’re the equivalent of mixed-race kids in regards to our sex.

Our existence as trans people should be viewed through the lenses of race and intersex. Once you stop telling us that were the opposite sex based on socially constructed binary gender identity theories, then we can no longer be born in the wrong bodies, can we?

But in admitting these things, we have to blow up everything that all these shrinks and endocrinologists have been doing wrong for decades. These folks have literally built their lives around selling this stuff. And nobody likes to admit they’re wrong, especially when it pays their bills.

“From Alaska to Patagonia, Native American cultures often held gender variant individuals in high regard, valuing them for their unique spiritual and artistic aptitudes and important economic and social contributions. Having been blessed with the spirits of both man and woman, these ‘two-spirits’ could mediate between men and women, and between this world and the other. They could accomplish the work of both sexes, meeting the need of the moment and compensating for any gender imbalance in their family or tribe. They often served as educators or guardians, taking in orphaned children or children from large or problem families. European colonists saw two-spirits as ‘sodomites’, and, in 1513, the conquistador Vasco Nunez de Balboa infamously fed forty of them to his dogs. Unlike Europeans, who thought in fixed and binary terms, Native Americans understood gender as a continuum and sexuality as fluid. Neither did they confound gender and sexuality. Two-spirits were often males who preferred males, and sometimes even married a male, but they could also be males who preferred females, females who preferred males, and females who preferred females. This did not preclude them from sexual relations with the other gender, or make their same-sex partners into two-spirits.[Citation]

As nature’s gender variants, we were much healthier before the west and it’s medicine arrived.

The Bullies That Police The Gender Binary

Have you heard the awful and outrageous news?

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have been accused of appropriating gender-fluidity.

Isn’t it time that we stop policing the gender binary with failed ideologies, bullying, cyberbullying, and violence?

Doesn’t gate-keeping conflict with self-identification of gender?

Jacob Tobia piled on with the transsexual trope and merit badge of “how early they knew.”

“As a genderqueer writer and producer who’s been doing this whole “gender bending” thing since I was 2 years old (way ahead of the curve, according to Vogue), I’m fed up. What’s so annoying about this new and sanitized “gender progressive” aesthetic is that it curates gender-fluid identities for those in the cultural elite in a way that totally whitewashes the lived experiences of gender-nonconforming people.[Citation]

Need more examples?

How about Dana Beyer claiming the binary isn’t ready to be smashed.

Sorry Dana, I made a paper airplane out of your Huff Poo memo and smashed it anyway.

Where’s my failure Dana?

“Smashing the gender binary is dangerous political provocation in today’s climate. Ignoring stereotypes that are ingrained in the American psyche is inviting failure.[Citation]

Let’s also not forget how sex stereotypes really do make you a man or a woman.

Are sex stereotypes part of the “appropriate medical or therapeutic treatments” when one changes their sex?

“If they want to transition to being a man, they should dress and talk like a man. The same goes for those who want to transition to being women. “This is because it’s the point of no return,” she said.”[Citation]

Or how about because talking like a man or woman can literally decide if you get to use a bathroom in places like Washington State.

I was rather shocked and disappointed that trans woman Danni Askini (from the Gender Justice League no less) didn’t point out to the Washington Human Rights Commission that most trans women sound like males, because they are biologically male according to the definition of what a transgender woman is.

“Defining “nefarious purposes” can seem vague, but common sense is really the key here, says Laura Lindstrand, policy analyst for the HRC. “You can tell if someone is lying or if they’re there for reasons they shouldn’t be,” she says. “Are they dressed like a woman? Are they making any attempt to look like a woman? What are their mannerisms like? Are they speaking low or high? If none of those things are present, or if the person seems sneaky or belligerent, the entity [i.e. Evans Pool] can take action.” And if a business mistakenly misidentifies a transgender woman as a man and kicks her out, the HRC won’t issue any fines or penalties; the outcome in the instance of an honest mistake would instead be conversation, education, and conflict resolution.[Citation]

And don’t even think about using that penis as a penis. You’ll get your girl card taken away.

“There are a multitude of natal born women and men out there, who will defend the commonly held definition and idea of what a woman is. Sorry, but if you have a penis and use it as a male during sexual intercourse, you are not a woman. Don’t try to change the definition.”

“There are women out there who have a (for want of a better word) deformity. They have a penis but don’t want it, don’t want it recognised, used or acknowledged, and certainly would never use it for sex.”

“They are male to female transsexuals but they are women. To the trans and transgender folk out there, please stop trying to change the definition to suit yourselves.”[Citation]

Because we all know the transsexuals get to decide who are the real women in the trans community.

If you haven’t been neutered, spayed, voice trained, and put on hormones to sterilize you, then you just don’t qualify to use public spaces.

“I have held off on addressing this. My fear was that the person in the locker room was a cross-dresser, and that’s what she appears to be: no hormones, no transition.”

“To me, that is abuse of the privilege and is exactly what the opposition wanted in order to illustrate their point that “men” who “feel like a woman today” can waltz into women-only spaces with impunity.”[Citation]

Consider this list as a living document, because this practice clearly isn’t over.

Do Transgender Children Really Know Their Sex Or Gender Identity At Young Ages Like The Clinicians At The Gender Clinics Claim That They Do?

“Kids do roll through a lot of things as they go through identity formation but our gender is a core part of who we are and we actually all know what our gender is and have pretty solid gender identity by the age of 3 or 4 years old,” Olson said.”[1].

I realize that the highly paid shills at the gender clinics, that dispense their $20k puberty blocker implants to children want everyone to believe that we all know what our gender identity or sex is at very early ages, but my experience as a non-binary, transgender person has led me to believe that it’s simply not true. Blocking puberty and transitioning children to an opposite sex of which they are not is simply the product and service of these organizations that claim to be practicing medicine.

Before I left social media completely and shuttered my Facebook account to stop the bullying and harassment for my contrary views on transitioning children, a group of us had a notable blowout on my Facebook page one afternoon, soon after my court victory which declared my sex as non-binary.

The vicious argument began after I posted a news article on my page about blocking puberty and transitioning children, and because I expressed personal views that I was against doing this to trans kids.

Almost immediately the attacks against me began from a group of trans people who were mostly relatively unknown to me, but who had gotten onto my friends list because of my newfound media fame. I was now famous and they wanted to be on the friends list of someone like me.

As our argument about trans kids got more and more heated; and as the exchanges got nastier and nastier; and before I kicked a few of them off my friends list, I asked all of them a simple question. None of them were willing to answer it.

This is basically what I asked them. “If the stork dropped you on a desert island as a baby, and covered hands and arms reached out of a metal box and raised you until you were age 30. And if you had no other human contact whatsoever during that time to compare yourself too: how would you know what sex you are and what genitals you’re supposed to have?”

Like I said, none of them would touch the question. Their response was crickets. They just kept attacking me personally instead to avoid answering the question.

You may think what I asked these folks (who had a big age range and were a mixture of trans women and trans men) was some sort of ridiculous thing, but the reason that I posed this question to them is because that scenario is a lot like what my childhood was like. And my childhood experience is exactly what made me think to ask that exact question.

“Like any kid, I took a lot of baths with my brothers and sister, and I’d compare my genitals to theirs. My little penis felt so wrong on me. I wished I could take the sponge and wipe it off, and behind it I’d magically find a “gagina” like what my sister and my mom had.”[2].

I was raised in a family of all boys. I wasn’t thrown in the bathtub at age two as a gender confused child with any real girls. I wasn’t allowed to stumble around in my Mother’s heals or wear her clothes. There were no gay people in my highly conservative community. Transgender wasn’t a word back then. There was no Internet. There wasn’t any YouTube videos telling me that I was born in the wrong body. There was absolutely nobody for me to associate with that I felt was like me. I was raised on something somewhat equivalent to that desert island.

“Fulfilling the classical transsexual narrative – the one that gender clinics like to hear – I knew I was “different” as a child.”[3].

At that point in my youth, the only thing that I could accurately describe back then was that I felt different from all the other boys that I was surrounded with. In fact, I felt like what I thought it meant to feel like a girl.

I of course know now that there’s no such thing as “feeling like a girl,” because Janet Mock inadvertently educated me on that. To this day, I still don’t think poor Janet realizes how much damage she did to transgenderism with that video interview.

At the very moment that I watched Alicia Menendez admit to Janet Mock that she couldn’t describe what it feels like to be a girl, I knew right then and there that I wasn’t a woman or a female. And by the time I watched that video the radical feminists had also taught me so much about sex and gender and sex stereotypes that I also knew I was guilty of using those sex stereotypes to become a female. Even worse, I began to realize and feel badly about was I doing because I knew it was actually harming women.

But not only back then did I think that I felt differently from all the other boys, I was also too terrified to tell anyone that I thought I felt this difference. I was even scared that people could tell that I was different just by looking at me, or by closely watching me. After I was sexually abused by a male relative around age 9, I was certain that he’d picked me as his victim because he knew I was different.

I also know however that some of the behaviors I sense about myself are in fact real things that others do pick up on. For example, I recently came out to a new neighbor about who I am and what my history is. And after I did so this neighbor felt that she was able to in turn confess to having been watching me walk the dog, and to thinking that something was off about me for a male. She said that I walked like a woman, which she stated confused her, because she also thought I looked like a male. I’m also still haunted about when during a transgender support meeting several years ago the sixty-something transsexual group leader asked how many of us sat down to pee? All of us that were there as trans women raised our hands. It just seems like sitting down when using the bathroom is what I’m naturally supposed to do. It’s things like this and the fact that I gravitated towards stereotypical female things as a child that made me believe that I was actually a woman.

But just like the “I feel like a girl thing” fell apart from watching the Janet Mock video, the sitting down to pee thing fell apart when I met masculine women who bragged about standing up to pee and pissing further than their brothers.

It’s fair to say that I essentially learned my way out of thinking that I was a woman by allowing myself to be exposed to all sorts of things such as feminism and various people.

Had a local gender clinic existed back in those days of the late 1960s and early 1970s, I would have been a textbook example of a trans kid and enrolled for treatment. In short order, if I had of had insurance or parents wealthy enough to pay for their services; I would have been admitted as a patient. My puberty would have been blocked; my name would have been changed; my clothing would have been replaced with female items; and I would have began a social transition to become a girl. Later, I would have been prescribed female cross-sex hormones and programmed for a surgical path to “fix my birth defect.”

“Taking testosterone or estrogen immediately after blocking puberty will make a teenage patient sterile.”

“Spack, the endocrinologist at Children’s Hospital in Boston, says that because the gonads do not mature before they are exposed to the hormones of the opposite sex, the gonads become too damaged to produce either viable eggs or viable sperm.

“This is one of the most controversial aspects of this. At what age can a young person fully understand the implications of doing something that will make fertility for them, by today’s technology, virtually impossible?” he says.”[4].

And as a result, I would have been sterilized for life. I would also have been educated that nobody like me ever changes their mind about transitioning and returns to their birth sex. Desisters like me simply don’t exist, so the narrative goes. But I did just that and desisted after three years of living as a woman.

“She reasoned that it was a good thing that I waited until after she was born to declare my gender identity, so that she could be born,” Oger said. “I thought it was really sweet of a young child to see this causal link in her existence.”[5].

If this transsexual pathway had of been allowed to occur, and had I followed it, my precious daughter would never have been born. And I probably would have perished during the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s while desperately trying to find someone to love me. It’s kind of shocking to think that going into the military probably actually prevented my death.

When I transitioned to living as a female in early 2013, I soon realized that I lacked an important set of credentials of knowing what I was at an early age. I also learned that knowing this information is a badge of sorts in the hierarchy that is transsexualism.

The earlier that you can claim to know whether you were really a boy or a girl, the more authentic you are supposed to be in the transgender community. I’ve witnessed numerous transgender women openly bragging about at which age they knew they were really girls in Internet forums. And the media eagerly quotes them at every opportunity, further spreading these mistruths.

I call then mistruths because I don’t agree that transgender women are the same thing as cisgender women. That’s why they’re called transgender and cisgender.

As I began to archive transgender history for my Wiki website, I soon realized that lots of trans folks were really just like me, raised on that metaphorical desert island. I even felt like some serious lies were being told for the transition cause. I also realized that language being used to describe ourselves was being passed around and recycled. I could see what I believed was clear evidence of trans kids or the parents of transgender children being coached into saying things such as “God made a mistake” when giving interviews to the media. But most of all, I reached an opinion that some serious fraud was going on at these gender clinics in regards to what these children really know and are. That’s my opinion, even if it’s offensive to the members of my own community.

In addition to having suffered from gender dysphoria off and on for most of my life, I also have Complex PTSD. And just like I wanted to learn everything I possibly could about transgenderism and gender dysphoria, before that I wanted to learn everything I possibly could about PTSD. I wanted my cure, which continues to elude me in the same way that getting surgeries hasn’t fixed any of the transsexuals, despite their claims that it has. No group with a 41% completed or attempted suicide rate can claim that the treatment plan designed for them is actually working. It’s not.

“Much of what you can find about gender-affirming surgeries like vaginoplasty makes you think that after you’ve had one, all your problems fade away and your life becomes instantaneously better.”[6].

By religiously attending both mental health and transgender support groups each week, I witnessed some eerie similarities among the attendees at these two totally different groups. In the mental health group, many of them would arrive each week with some new exercise, diet, or info about a new prescription drug they hadn’t yet tried that was sure to cure them of their PTSD or other mood disorder. Lots of these people in the mental health group were even completely convinced that if they merely had more money that all of their problems would go away. I knew that wasn’t true, because I had a nice income and I was still sitting right there with them week after week, seeking support. Money didn’t help me graduate or cure me. A similar phenomena routinely played out each week in the transgender women’s support group. If they just had that first or that next surgery, then all of their problems would be fixed. Or if people would just use the right pronouns. I could clearly see a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick out in front of it in both groups.

If a cure is held out and made available, then people will seek it. That’s why the trans surgeons are still in business, because they hold out the illusion of offering a cure for gender dysphoria. They peddle hope and offer affirmation that you can change your sex and become a male or female. And even if things go horribly wrong, the patients won’t even name the surgeon who maimed them. These previously healthy and now physically wounded folks are all too scared to take away that possible cure from someone else seeking it. It’s a world of secret Facebook groups and horrible secrets about surgical complications. And anyone who speaks out or tries to stop any of it is to be attacked or discredited.

My quest for knowledge about PTSD led me into all sorts of things on the Internet; one of which is forensic psychology. Which is mainly used by insurance companies to help deny claims for mental illnesses. And what I learned from those studies is that forensic psychologists look for people who claim to have PTSD by examining the things they say.

If someone can rattle of their symptoms of PTSD literally by the textbook descriptions and numbers, then it’s a big red flag that fraud is taking place and their claim is denied. When I applied this same type of forensic psychology to what’s happening with trans kids, it raised that same red flag for me. All the parent’s of trans kids that are now advocates can speak the exact language of the gender clinicians and tell us how they’re children are “insistent and persistent,” but there’s no evidence that anyone is getting denied. And instead more and more children are getting sucked into the false belief that they can actually change their sex and are seeking these life altering and potentially dangerous treatments.

These young creations of the gender clinics that no longer even know what exactly they really are used to actually argue with me on Facebook that biology is a social construct. I know that it’s not because like many transgender women I fathered a child before transitioning. If I were completely female then that wouldn’t be possible, would it?

So it was crystal clear to me that in the same way people were learning how to claim that they had PTSD, that trans people were also learning how to claim they were dysphoric and born in the wrong body. But what my news history archiving had taught me was that most of us willing to admit it didn’t really know what we were; and that we were actively searching for some sort of language to latch onto to describe ourselves and what we were feeling. We didn’t agree with our birth sex because we felt different than our biological peers, and we wanted to know what we are?

“If a black kid walked into a therapist’s office saying he was really white, the goal of pretty much any therapist out there would be to make him try to feel more comfortable being black.”[7].

The Internet of course tells us that we’re transgender. That were either trans boys or trans girl. And even the gender clinicians for the most part can’t see anything in between male and female. Within their operating spheres male and female is a world of black and white for these therapists and medical professionals. They can’t see a mixed race kid in any of it. You’d think that they’d never heard the word “intersex” before. Everyone has to be fixed and turned into either male or female. That was my problem, these type folks were bent on making me into a female. If I killed myself because I couldn’t pass as one, that wasn’t their problem: society did it. The people who wouldn’t affirm my new gender would take the blame. I was being made to fit into a box on ancient computer systems, instead of new boxes being made to fit or accommodate me.

“Smashing the gender binary is dangerous political provocation in today’s climate. Ignoring stereotypes that are ingrained in the American psyche is inviting failure. Demanding that passing privilege shouldn’t matter, when it clearly always has, and should have no role in marketing the community to its neighbors, is a mistake.”[8].

Nearly everyone was working to protect the gender binary rather than admitting that sex, gender, and even sexual orientation are all on a spectrum. I was even fighting against the binary trans folks that were desperately battling to protect their transsexual pathway.

In my case, that big moment of discovering that I was trans also kicked off what’s best described as a “rapid onset of gender dysphoria.” Because while I previously only had gender dysphoria in off and on cycles, I now had a much worse full-time case of it after self-diagnosing myself as trans. This being the case because I’d now been led into believing that I was really a female. And if I was actually a female, then that also meant that my body was totally wrong and had to be fixed as soon as possible.

“There are a multitude of natal born women and men out there, who will defend the commonly held definition and idea of what a woman is. Sorry, but if you have a penis and use it as a male during sexual intercourse, you are not a woman. Don’t try to change the definition.”

“There are women out there who have a (for want of a better word) deformity. They have a penis but don’t want it, don’t want it recognised, used or acknowledged, and certainly would never use it for sex.”[9].

It also soon became mentally painful to look at my hands and realize how wrong they were. My facial hair began to affect me even worse than it did previously. I even began to develop some genital dysphoria, which I’d never previously had, because of the ideologies that I was now being exposed to by transsexuals that are clearly pretty warped and probably seriously mentally ill. But despite this, they’re given a platform and a microphone by the media. These are the twisted role models that the media displays to trans kids.

Telling me that I was really a female wasn’t actually helping me. What it did in reality was to ramp up my gender dysphoria. Literally, within two weeks I was on cross-sex hormones, seeking my cure. I was now chasing that carrot.

“No, that’s not a disease,” Kristie tells him.”

“No it is!” Joe replies in what is becoming a heated debate inside the apartment.”

“Where are you getting your information from, huh?” Kristie asks.”

“I’m dead serious!” Joe says. “I looked on YouTube!”[10].

It doesn’t make me a smart person to point out that if I was easily able to stumble into the secrets of forensic psychology on the Internet for flagging feigned mental illnesses that trans kids could also easily do the same thing for gender dysphoria or transgenderism. Because just like the forensic psychologists like to blab their secrets in news articles and books, so do the gender clinicians. Any eight-year-old girl can self diagnose that they’re really a boy on YouTube. What to do and say to get what you want as a trans person is all readily available with just a few keystrokes. But being told what you want to hear when you’re searching for a cure can also be not only dangerous at it’s worst, but also highly problematic at it’s best.

One of the greatest tragedies with trans kids is that they’ve been taught failure and weakness and all the things to say by the very gender clinicians that treat them for a tidy sum. Which differs radically from my life pathway, because the Army taught me to win at all costs. Failure was never an option. I had to figure out how to conquer every obstacle put in my path to victory. Or they’d fire me and get someone else who could. It was that simple and heartless. Everyone was expendable and replaceable.

“Puberty can be scary for many children, but doctors say it’s absolutely terrifying for transgender youth.”

“If they’re not terrified of it, they’re not trans,” said Dr. Norman Spack, clinical director of the endocrine division of Children’s Hospital in Boston.”[12].

These trans kids have essentially been taught that they can’t survive puberty and that they’ll commit suicide if they don’t go down the medical pathway of transgenderism. We of course know this isn’t true, because of all the existing late transitioners such as myself, who went through puberty on that metaphorical desert island that I spoke of. Trans people like me survived puberty because we didn’t know we were supposed to fail at it and because we weren’t taught to be scared of it.

“This is almost more deadly than anything else I treat,” Adkins said.”[13].

How did I survive the most dangerous thing that the gender clinics treat without them?

Was it because I wasn’t taught by the people that run these clinics that puberty was dangerous and wrong for me?

While I was easily able to manipulate a nurse practitioner to accept my self-diagnosis and start me on hormones many of these same type smart trans kids have parents that won’t budge about hormones or blockers.

“If a girl starts to experience breast budding and feels like cutting herself, then she’s probably transgendered. If she feels immediate relief on the [puberty-blocking] drugs, that confirms the diagnosis.”[13].

So what would I do if were one of these Internet connected kids nowadays that was being denied hormones or puberty blocking treatments because I’d been taught to think that this is exactly what I need?

Shockingly, I’d probably do what Dr. Norman Spack has made readily available on the Internet that would make everyone believe really quickly that I’m transgender and start cutting on myself. I’ll bet that would get everyone’s attention.

And then I’d probably get my parents to start helping all the other kids that I think are boys or girls just like me too to help spread this contagion.

“During this time, the inner turmoil of confusion over my identity only escalated. I went through several identities, sometimes changing every two weeks, from pansexual to lesbian, genderqueer, bigender, and genderfluid. Finally, in the summer before 10th grade, I discovered I was transgender.”[14].

The harsh truth is that despite what the gender clinicians tell the media, and what they want everyone to believe because blocking puberty pays quite well; these trans kids don’t know what their sex or gender identity is at very young ages. At best this is a very special and probably highly autistic group that’s being trotted out as evidence.

Because if this were true about how young we know what our sex or gender is, then I wouldn’t have a Transgender News website with at current count 108 trans or non-binary people who first came out as something else. Clearly girls that come out as lesbians in their teens didn’t know they were boys at age three. And clearly boys who first identified as gay didn’t know that they were girls at age three either. It’s well past time that we disinfect this gender clinic charade of “they know at age three” with some daylight.

Does anyone else see lots of problem here?

Does anyone else see how we got to where we are today with these trans kids?

We need for the adults in the room to start taking charge and fix this mess, which means shutting these gender clinics down. If doing this takes forming alliances with radical feminists, religious folks, or conservatives, then so be it. Form those alliances. Build your armies. Let’s get it done and start protecting these children.

© Author: Jamie Shupe

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Will The Surgery Kings And Queens Be Allowed To Topple Transgender Military Service?

“Critics of tax-funded “sex-change” surgery note that battle-readiness is diminished after the surgeries, which RAND explained require 21 days of medical leave plus at least 90 days of medical disability. Even more recovery time is needed for men to undergo the sex change to a woman, making a soldier non-deployable for at least 135 days. RAND also acknowledged that in some cases complications from elective genital surgery might make a soldier unfit for duty permanently, as up to 20 percent of men undergoing “vaginoplasty” have serious complications.”[1]

Yesterday, as I was reading an opinion piece which theorized that “We May Be One Step Away From a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy for Trans Troops,” I began to wonder if maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

You’re no doubt wondering how someone such as myself, who is not only a relatively highly decorated military veteran, but also a very staunch advocate for open transgender military service could have such a blasphemous mindset.

The answer to that question is pretty simple: not all elements of transgenderism are good and healthy. And I’m very specifically talking about the nutty elements of transgenderism that insists on cutting off healthy body parts, claiming that they’re “confirming their genders” and further claiming that what they’re doing is lifesaving. It’s not. It merely enriches the people doing the cutting. Even worse, it continues to lead more and more people down this hideous pathway.

“Jennifer was set to have her procedure done in Thailand when, at the last minute, a Los Angeles-based surgeon offered her a discount if she would agree to be featured in a documentary on her surgery. Even so, she says, “Paying for it took everything I had.” But a host of complications and nearly a dozen emergency surgeries had her in and out of the hospital for ten months, and the no-frills insurance policy she bought before her transition, like all policies, had its limits.”[2].

I get cast by many of my media handlers that write about me as being the non-binary hero that broke the gender binary. The part about me being the first to break the gender binary is true, I did that, and I did it for an important reason; to help stop the sterilization and mutilation of transgender children. Because they needed realistic and healthier options.

But nobody to date in the media has been willing to say that I broke the gender binary after desisting from living as a transgender female. They’ll write that I was formerly a transgender female, but none will dare write that I “desisted.” I did. And I desisted from living as and being classified as a female not only because I saw how toxic and monstrous the medical end of transgenderism is, but also because I saw the harm that I was doing to women who were born women by being allowed to adopt the same legal identity as them.

“My mental health has never been stable, but I know with the right body, and being able to live, laugh and love as Lexi, I will be saved.”[3].

It’s not a well guarded secret that the oft-hated Transgender Wiki website belongs to me. I say hated, because some of my fellow transgender activists have made multiple attempts to shut it down; to include filing malicious DMCA complaints against it, because they fear the truths about our existence that I expose on that website.

But it’s interesting to note that in operating that big trans history website, I have a real lack of people who identify as cross-dressers to add to my history archives. The media doesn’t speak of them and they’re loathe to be publicly identified because transgender women are known to attack them; claiming their existence discredits them. When I became a trans woman part of my indoctrination into the community was to help attack the drag queens, because they discredited us also. At this point in my development, I’m really ashamed of myself for having engaged in that behavior for a short period.

But the sad truth is the cross-dressers are probably the most physically and mentally healthy elements of all within the transgender umbrella. If anyone should be allowed to serve it should be them. But yet they’re constantly cast as the villains of transgenderism by the most unhealthy members of our community.

Carl Jung believed that every man has an inner feminine part of himself, and that every woman has an inner masculine part of herself. He felt that these were distinct “splinter personalities,” and saw them as so important that he named them “anima” and “animus” — the Latin word for soul. This is healthy stuff. Insisting that you were born in the wrong body and cutting off your breasts or your penis as a fix is clearly deep into mental illness territory. I’m sorry, but I don’t consider you as fit to serve if you require such drastic medical actions.

“One misconception is that transitioning requires surgery. It doesn’t. As Mara Keisling, the Executive Director for the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) told me, “Most transsexuals don’t get surgery. This is about gender identity, not about genitals.”[4].

It’s a really fair question to ask how we went from in 2009 when stating that transgenderism is about “gender identity,” to instead claiming that genital surgeries are “lifesaving” in 2017. They’re not. And these surgeries are now threatening the very ability of everyone in the transgender community to serve in the military. But here’s the answer to that question.

Where’s the world history of these surgeries to back up the claims by those making them that these procedures are either lifesaving or necessary??

Our conservative critics of transgender military service level the allegations upon us as a community that the military isn’t a jobs program or social experiment to attack us, which I don’t agree with. But if these same critics allege that the military also isn’t a trans surgery clinic for the most unhealthy elements of our community, I can’t dispute that. And apparently our foray into these surgeries isn’t even off to a good start being that one service member has already died at a military medical facility while getting their lobotomy to the body.

An interesting topic yet to be discussed is: should anyone be paid disability from the VA if they get maimed or disabled by a transgender surgery while on active duty? Our fiercest critics haven’t even began the battle on that political front yet.

“There won’t be any exceptions to certain policies once that gender marker is changed,” Ireland said. “We don’t want this gray area. We don’t want a third gender.”[5].

So if the military brass needs to cast the surgery kings and queens out of their services temples to right the ship and protect transgender military service for the healthy elements of our community, then I’m all for it. Besides, the surgery kings and queens don’t have anymore love for what I do and advocate, than I do for what they do and advocate. I stand for healthy gender expression and the right to safely express it. And I refuse to allow this unhealthy minority element of our community to take the rest of us down.

©Author: Jamie Shupe

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Transgender Military: The Perfect Storm

There’s a perfect storm brewing that has the potential to wipe out transgender military service in the United States, but few are willing to acknowledge the ominous clouds that have gathered outside their windows, nor are they willing to allow those dark clouds to interrupt their Obama-era hurricane party.

Unlike the typical storm that developed from the flutter of a butterfly’s wings off the coast of Africa, this one developed it’s dangerous winds from the fierce roar of America’s heartland. The beast of flyover country has awakened and it seeks the blood and meat of the SJW (Social Justice Warrior) as it comes out of hibernation from a long winter of Democrat rule.

Common sense would dictate that the SJW would operate under the same medical ethics that doctors do. The SJWs should promise to — do no harm — to the communities in which they operate, but that isn’t always the case. Instead, the SJW’s seek out the most notorious targets to amplify their voices and elevate their fame.

For example, the SJWs could choose a white-collar criminal, who has never committed violence, that’s doing time in a medium-security prison to advance their agenda of getting trans prisoners transgender health care such as HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or surgeries. This would be a smart move because it wouldn’t give the feminists that decry all things trans woman or all things male-violence anything to complain about. But such a low-key criminal doesn’t gather SJW’s enough fame; only a notorious murderer or infamous traitor will do.

Long in the making, our perfect storm became a Category 5 hurricane as President Trump and Vice President Pence were taking office. This occurred against the backdrop of a bathroom war that’s really a battle about identity. And also against the backdrop of an already bloodied transgender community that’s been cowering in fear of these two national leaders; two vicious leaders who were already publicly eating our transgender young. But the SJW lawyers partied on anyway, championing their legal victories and bragging about how they just got a convicted murderer a sex-change on the taxpayers dime, and how they just freed one of America’s most notorious traitors. The SJWs that should be doing no harm, had in fact just did a whole bunch of that very thing.

If Trump and Pence were willing to openly unleash their dogs of religious war to attack mere transgender children, then how could the SJWs possibly think that the transgender military people that these two politicians see as men in dresses would remain safe and not get sucked into the swirling winds?

The SJW operates with such prowess that they’ve managed to flim-flam the American public that drinks their Kool-Aid into opening their wallets to fund their campaigns. Even worse, they’ve even managed to fool the very communities that they operate in to believing that the bad people they are helping aren’t even bad people. The recipients of their SJW help are no longer people that have killed others instead of running away, or murderers, or traitors to our nation’s military and the nation itself; they are instead just the down-trodden victims of society, who are in need of help.

When I ask people how they can support freeing Chelsea Manning after Bradley Manning (a biological male that passed an Army Physical Fitness Test as a male) punched a (biological) female superior in the face during wartime, in a combat zone; they give me the “deer-in-the-headlights” look of shock. These people then tell me they didn’t even know about that. When I further ask them about Manning bragging about punching a dyke in the face in chat logs for WikiLeaks, they claim ignorance about that as well. This insanity is because the SJW’s have basically been allowed to rewrite Manning’s awful history. The bruise on that female’s face is no longer visible, so it never happened. That’s the beauty of Wikipedia, anyone can rewrite history at any time with alternate facts or with their own opinion of how things happened, all under the disguise of neutrality. The mainstream media is complicit as well. Please show me how many of the media outlets cheering the release of Manning actually reported these inconvenient facts?

If Parker Molly can get put into a “Transgender Violence Tracking Portal” for telling someone to drink bleach during an argument with an SJW, then how can Manning get a mulligan for male-violence, something far worse, and instead be made a transgender community hero? Only an SJW would have the nerve to do such a thing. I’m your runaway general in the trans community. And and I won’t tolerate, support, turn a blind-eye, or remain silent about this, or a lot of the other crap that (you) the SJW’s do. As you know or may not know, I’m not just a part of, or just a student of transgender history, I record it. Why hasn’t Manning been branded as homophobic?

It’s no secret that the SJW’s treat transgender advocacy as a jobs program for these same bad apples, further destroying the reputation of the very community they claim to be helping. Out of prison now? You’d make you a speaker at America’s colleges. Because killing people really is okay. Or, let’s put you to work as one of our trans advocates. If the conservatives can claim and argue that the military isn’t or shouldn’t be a jobs program for the nation’s social experiments such as transgender military service and use that argument to destroy the opportunity for transgender Americans to serve their nation, then the SJW’s should take note and avoid making the most infamous people of our community, the face of our community. Let the non-deployable types help behind the scenes. Don’t put them on stage as the stars of the show. This behavior has real consequences.

As Trump and Pence were coming into power the main headline for the transgender community should have been “Obama Selects Two Transgender People for Presidential Appointments.” Instead the news headlines were dominated for weeks by stories such as “Obama’s Dilemma On Chelsea Manning” and “California Funds 1st U.S. Inmate Sex Reassignment Surgery.” The SJW’s clearly are not very intelligent people and it’s all proof that the folks actually doing great things in the transgender community don’t get the biggest headlines. Instead they get buried by the garbage of our community.

These events have set the stage for this perfect storm that has been consolidating it’s winds and forming it’s eye to now destroy transgender American’s newly found right to serve their nation. A very fragile right. A right that was hard won by decades of suffering by over a hundred thousand transgender veterans. But none of this matters to the misguided SJWs seeking fame for their legal accomplishments. Instead, they’re willing to risk the entire transgender fighting force to save one traitor who betrayed all those transgender veterans, the entire U.S. Military, and their own nation. That’s the SJW mentality. That’s the level of stupidity that the SJW’s possess.

It’s now coming down to crunch time for the military’s leadership to decide if transgender Americans should be allowed to continue serving their nation or go back to getting their careers wrecked and kicked to the curb with nothing to show for all their years of service to this nation. As a person who now has Complex PTSD at least partly from my own silent suffering and from all the abuse that I took while quietly serving, I have a vested interest in this outcome.

What the SJW, the equivalent of the military’s Powerpoint Ranger in the civilian world, doesn’t understand is that all the people in the military who have been sitting around in bunkers or remote outposts in places like Afghanistan — getting shot at and shelled, eating MREs, and having gone without showers and hot food for long periods of time without committing suicide — don’t really give a rat’s-ass about poor Chelsea Manning; the jailed ACLU princess that’s been sitting around in the safety of a military prison with three-hots and a cot and feigning suicide. Neither do I. Prison is where the female punching, male-violence trans poster child Chelsea Manning belongs. It’s more of what makes the SJWs stupid, because most of SJWs have never served a day in their lives. They just suck free air and shutdown freeways and grace the cover of conservative tabloids and blogs.

All of this has now set the stage for the SJW’s to allow Manning to be used as a political wedge issue to destroy transgender military service. Even if we get extremely lucky and that doesn’t come to pass, the SJW’s are doing horrendous damage to the transgender community.

I’m too old and too tired to continue preaching to the transgender community, that making problematic people your leaders, or putting them as the face of your events is destroying us. And trust me when I tell you that it’s destroying all of you that are members of this community far worse than it is destroying me, because I’ve got that U.S. Army retirement check and a nearly free health care plan as a result of my service. It’s many of the rest of you that need the very job in the military that I am speaking of. And the SJW’s are destroying your chances of ever getting that job.

©Author: Jamie Shupe